SLPP end of year statement

SLPP sera leon pepale party

Fresh hope for a better country

As we wave goodbye to 2019 and usher in 2020, the Sierra Leone People’s Party would want to thank all its members, friends, supporters and well wishers for standing by the party and the government of Sierra Leone throughout these turbulent times occasioned by the inheritance in 2018, of a broken and battered system.

In eighteen months of governance, we are proud of our achievements as the ruling party in spite of the myriad of socioeconomic and political problems bequeathed by our predecessors. Indeed our party promised permanent solutions to the challenges not simplistic and quick fixes that will collapse in no time.

We want to thank our numerous members, supporters, friends and well wishers for the patience they have exercised in this eighteen months of wading through these troubled waters of a battered economy, malfunctioning systems and dysfunctional processes inherited from a government and a party that has only sought the interests of few individuals and not the general. Your patience has encouraged us to strive to make our country better.

In eighteen months of the SLPP government, the human capital development has received huge fillip with the free quality education program gaining momentum and universal acclaim, our health system has seen a huge boost with the introduction of a free and effective ambulance system and the timely delivery of drugs to cater for our children and pregnant women.

In eighteen months, our government’s rebranding efforts have gained traction with Sierra Leone now getting mention, not for Ebola or mudslides but a robust fight against corruption. The digitization program has kicked off with gusto and the results have started speaking for themselves.

Our government’s efforts to reposition our children for the challenges of the 21st century with emphasis on science, technology and innovation cannot come at a better time. Our Leader and President Julius Maada Bio has always said we should not be left out of the fourth industrial revolution and he has taken concrete steps in making that a reality.

The leap by 3 places in the United Nations Human Development Index is the combined efforts of our government to lift Sierra Leone from the bottom rungs of the development ladder. Indeed qualification for the MCC award is proof of our government’s strides to make the country a better one, despite not being selected for the grant at this time.

Whilst we acknowledge the role of the opposition to keep us on our toes, we encourage them to be objective, fair and responsible in the execution of their duties.

As a ruling party we will continue to create the space for them to do their work responsibly within the confines of rule or law in a democratic society.

To the press, we want to say thanks for the cooperation so far and as evidenced in the tabling of the repeal of the obnoxious section of the 1965 Public Order Act, we will continue to create a more enabling environment for media practitioners and operations.

As we gradually roll into 2020, we all must put our shoulders to the wheel for the development of the country instead of being cog’s in its development wheels.

We wish you a happy New Year and look forward to a brighter and more prosperous 2020.

Long Live Sierra Leone!
Long live SLPP.


Umaru Napoleon Koroma
National Secretary General


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