Even as Gauteng taps run dry, Rand Water claims it ‘is able and capable’ while blaming residents

Even as Gauteng taps run dry, Rand Water claims it 'is able and capable' while blaming residents
Even as Gauteng taps run dry, Rand Water claims it 'is able and capable' while blaming residents

Africa-Press – South-Africa. Despite water not coming out of the taps in some parts of Johannesburg, Rand Water maintains it can supply the resource to consumers.

For the past week, areas in Johannesburg have experienced low water pressure or no water as the summer months approach.

A joint statement on Sunday by Rand Water and Johannesburg Water blamed high consumption for the water issues.

Rand Water takes water from the Vaal Integrated River System, purifies it, and distributes it to municipalities in Gauteng. Johannesburg Water purchases the bulk water and distributes it to residents.

Rand Water spokesperson Makenosi Maroo said the entity supplied 5 000 megalitres of water daily.

“Rand Water is able and capable of supplying water,” Maroo added. “The challenge is high consumption that can be changed by adopting water-saving practices.”

In October 2022, during a hot spell, Johannesburg had similar issues.

Experts said there was no way the water issues could be blamed on residents.

Johannesburg Water in its latest update claimed the Commando System, which supplies water to much of the west and inner city, was under severe strain.

It consists of the Brixton, Hursthill and Crosby systems.

The Brixton Reservoir was throttled to 70% on Monday night to help build up capacity.

High-lying areas are expected to have no water.

Hursthill 2 Reservoir is critically low, and the outlet was closed on Monday night to build capacity.

The Crosby Reservoir is also critically low.

The Crown Gardens Reservoir has been throttled to 50%, and the Eagles Nest Reservoir remains critically low.

Poor water pressure to no water is expected in areas the Alexander Park Reservoir supplies.

Linden 1 Tower had no water overnight and is expected to recover on Tuesday.

The same goes for the Quellerina and Waterval towers.

Water pressure in Midrand is low where there is water, with some areas being without water since Sunday.

Johannesburg is observing a Level 1 water restriction, which will continue until 31 March 2024.

Under these restrictions, cleaning driveways, washing cars and watering gardens with a hosepipe is prohibited between 06:00 and 18:00.

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