Outrage as yet another infant found dead in Muizenberg

Outrage as yet another infant found dead in Muizenberg
Outrage as yet another infant found dead in Muizenberg

Africa-Press – South-Africa. A newborn baby boy was found dead in bushes in Vrygrond, Muizenberg, on Wednesday afternoon.

A councillor who was one of the first people on the scene, Mandy Marr, said she was called to the scene by a couple.

“I slightly uncovered the baby to feel if it was warm.

“I can confirm that it was a newborn baby, and it appears that the mother possibly gave birth right there and wrapped the baby in a blanket.”

Marr added it was not the first time such an incident had occurred.

“We do have a problem with unwanted babies in the area. One baby was found in a similar spot, she was murdered by her foster mother.”

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Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said police have opened a case of concealment of birth as well as an inquest into the death of the infant.

“A deceased newborn baby boy was discovered by a civilian in the bushes opposite Drury Road, Vrygrond,” added Van Wyk.

Marr said a lot of women did not want anyone to know they were pregnant which contributed to them limiting their options at birth.

She urged expectant mothers to seek other options, including places for unwanted children.


“The closest Baby Saver is in Steenberg. People know that they can drop off any babies anonymously at Where Rainbows Meet or Living Hope which are organisations that have social workers that can care for the baby,” said Marr.

The incident has outraged residents.

Michael Perrins, an e-hailing driver and eyewitness, said he parked his car and walked over to where people had gathered.

“The police cleared everyone back, but I saw a baby with the umbilical cord still attached, full of blood, so it looked like [he] was just birthed, wrapped in a blanket and left for dead.”

Perrins said the community was livid, with some women threatening to beat the mother if they found her.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Muizenberg police or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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