SPCA rescues 9 cats from ‘extremely dirty’ Cape Town house

SPCA rescues 9 cats from 'extremely dirty' Cape Town house
SPCA rescues 9 cats from 'extremely dirty' Cape Town house

Africa-Press – South-Africa. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA rescued nine cats from a filthy, flea-infested house in Tygerdal, Cape Town, over the weekend.

Five of the adult cats have since been put down. SPCA spokesperson Jaco Pieterse said the organisation received a complaint. When they arrived at the property, a locksmith had to be called in because the owner pretended not to be home.

“The house was extremely dirty. The smell inside the house was very bad. Urine and faeces were seen on the floor and furniture. I cannot understand how any person can live in such filth,” Inspector Werner Taljaard said.

A warning was left and the owner was asked to contact the SPCA within 24 hours.

Pieterse added:

The SPCA said a “strong, overwhelming smell of filth and urine” was in the house.

“We found the cats living in filth, and they were infested with fleas. Some of the cats required veterinary care. The living conditions were far from ideal for both the cats and the humans inhabiting the house. Adding to the poor conditions, all the windows and curtains were closed, with no light or fresh air being allowed into the house.”

“A written warning was issued to the owner to provide the cats with veterinary care, treat the cats for external parasites and clean the living conditions, however the owner did not comply with the warning that was issued,” Pieterse added.

But, in the end, the SPCA had no choice but to obtain a court order to enter the property.

“When the locksmith tried to open the front door, the owner appeared at the window, demanding to know what they wanted. Werner presented the owner with a copy of the court order and requested she opens the front door. The owner claimed that she did not have a key as her husband left with the key. The locksmith then pointed out that this was not possible as the key was in the door. ”

“We then instructed the owner to unlock the door and allow them inside, alternatively, she will be charged and arrested for obstruction. The owner complied and opened the door to allow our inspector inside,” the SPCA added.

The SPCA said none of the living conditions of the animals had improved.

“There was absolutely no change in the living conditions. All the windows and curtains were still closed, the house still had an overwhelming smell, it was extremely dirty, and the cats were still infested with fleas. This time, Werner found a dying cat inside the house,” Pieterse added. When Werner arrived at the SPCA, the cat died.

After further examination by resident veterinarians, another of the cats had to be humanely euthanised due to their poor condition. Dr Rivona Ramnanan, the SPCA’s head veterinarian, said one of the cats was unable to walk and dragged its hind legs. All of the cats had a flea bite allergy, and the presence of fleas was excessive throughout their bodies.

The SPCA said they were preparing to have criminal charges laid against the owner.

The four remaining cats are receiving treatment at the organisation before new homes can be found for them.

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