‘We also kept apartheid symbols’: Ntshavheni says Winnie Mandela Drive outcry questionable

'We also kept apartheid symbols': Ntshavheni says Winnie Mandela Drive outcry questionable
'We also kept apartheid symbols': Ntshavheni says Winnie Mandela Drive outcry questionable

Africa-Press – South-Africa. Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni says complaints by the DA and AfriForum on renaming William Nicol Drive to Winnie Mandela Drive were driven by a desire to exclude black history and protect the history of Afrikaans minorities.

Ntshavheni, at a post-Cabinet meeting briefing on Thursday, defended the City of Johannesburg’s decision to spend R250 000 to rename William Nicol Drive.

The decision received mixed reactions, with the DA questioning the project’s cost, while AfriForum criticised the decision.

Ntshavheni described the backlash from the DA and AfriForum as attempts to protect the history of minorities at the expense of black people.

She said the government was one of a few in the world that did not dismantle apartheid symbols because of their historical significance.

The minister added if the government did not work on documenting the historical contribution of black people, then an uprising was likely.

“South Africa belongs to all who live in black and white and all who live in it.

“The DA and AfriForum want to continue the exclusion of African history and black history in this country to protect the history of Afrikaans minorities that had a negative impact on blacks, and it does not contribute to nation building.

“We do not want to experience an uprising of people who feel excluded in the country they belong in, more so if they are in the majority because we continue to protect the history of the minority.

“It is only in this country where, after apartheid, we have maintained Voortrekker memorials.

“We have maintained symbols of apartheid oppressors because we said we cannot erase history.”

Ntshavheni added:

She also gave a rundown on Cabinet decisions taken at a meeting this week.

Cabinet has made the following referrals: The SABC Bill will be submitted to Parliament, which, if passed, will see the repealing of the Broadcasting Act, and make changes to the SABC’s funding model and the TV licencing system.

The draft Water Services Amendment and National Water Amendment Bill will be published for public comment.

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