Classrooms empty as learners throng Twic Olympic Games

Classrooms empty as learners throng Twic Olympic Games
Classrooms empty as learners throng Twic Olympic Games

Africa-Press – South-Sudan. The ongoing Twic Olympic Games have kept hundreds of learners from school, forcing the county education director to issue an urgent order for learners to return to classrooms.

“The ongoing Olympic Games in the county have disrupted learning,” lamented Mawith Angok, the Director of Education in Twic County.

“Last week I went to the nearest school and the headteacher and Payam supervisor told me that the Olympics had taken all the learners.”

The Twic Olympics is an annual sporting festival that sets the county’s six districts against one another for sporting glory. It also brings them together in a spirit of peace and harmony.

According to the county education officer, the games should have been planned during the school holiday so that students could watch them without disrupting their studies.

“If there was a chain of communication between the management of the Olympic Games and the Ministry of Education, we would have scheduled these games during the holidays, because it would not disrupt the education system,” said Angok.

Angok revealed that students in seven schools had not reported to school since the new academic year began on January 3. Majang Ayer, Mading Abiel, and Agai, all from Sunrise Primary School, are among those that did not reopen after the New Year’s celebration.

“If those learners are not returning to the schools, send them to the parents. There is no need to stay at the Olympics when learning is going on,” Angok warned.

Mr Angok voiced fears that the Olympic Games’ influence on Twic County would be more destructive on children’s studies. He urged the parents to send their children back to school, saying exams are almost approaching.

“Education is [more] important than the Olympics. If you are a candidate, and you are not a member of the players, don’t waste your time. Return to school,” he said.

“These games will, after two to three months, show surprising results.” Maybe the girls who did not control themselves will be pregnant, and the boys who did not control themselves will impregnate someone’s daughter and face the law.”

In a similar development, Angok stated that the country is facing a lot of obstacles that make learning difficult. “Out of 237 schools, only about 100 schools are learning under the trees,” he said. He appealed for support to improve the infrastructure, particularly the construction of classrooms.

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