Over 200 schools submerged by flood in Jonglei

Over 200 schools submerged by flood in Jonglei
Over 200 schools submerged by flood in Jonglei

Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. Over 241 primary schools had been submerged by the river nile due heavy rains in Jonglei State. Speaking to the media yesterday, The Head Teacher of Pan-Apet Primary School Peter John Maker, said that children were learning

under the trees because the water level was still at the same level. “Since the flooding started in 2020 up to date the level of water is very high for the last two years and has increased to ten

meters,” said Maker. 707 learners,” He said that the impact of floods is very big because it has destroyed all the learning materials in the store where there

was nobody. The Head Teacher stated that all the residents of Pan-Apet were evacuated to East-West of Bor town because of the rise in water level in the area.

He revealed that the flooding has destroyed the school latrine and the store. He also said that the performance of pupils has been affected negatively because the learning environment at the

moment is not favoring them. However, they are expecting a new structure from UNICEF. Meanwhile, UNICEF Education Specialist Duku Francis Denison, said that more than two hundred

schools have been affected by flooding in Jonglei State. “As education cluster which is led by both the UNICEF and government, we are trying our best to see how best to see how this school can be supported. One of the things

we have done was to map and identity over two hundred schools which have been submerged,” Pan-Apet primary school was established in 2006 by the government of Jonglei State and the local community in the area and it is under UNICEF with funding from USAID currently.


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