The Jollywood Actor, the Puppet and Puppeteers


Africa-PressSouth-Sudan. Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak, – When we warned the people of Jonglei State in July that a naive youngman with forged education and zero leadership skills was sneaking his way into power through conman’s tactics many people failed to heed to our words although the evidence where crystal clear. Instead some people from Jonglei State went on to accuse us of many things and some even tried to call us names. Now that the young and naive self-proclaimed politician has started shooting his Jollywood theatrice, maybe we should have this conversation again. As it is said in Nuer that “ca raan luek ke wade”(meaning don’t advise someone on his way out, advise him when he returns), perhaps those who did not want to listen on their way out with Denay Jok Chagor have now given him a try and are now willing to listen.

To begin what will be a short narrative, since he was appointed 4 months ago Denay has travelled to Bor town two or three times. He has also travelled to outside Juba toward Bor to assess the Juba-Bor road and shot his Jollywood photo shoot. Denay also met with the Governor of Central Equatoria State Hon. Emmanuel Anthony Adil to discuss the issues affecting the IDPs in Mangalla and in Sherikat. Without putting words into this young man’s mouth, this is what he wrote on his Jonglei Facebook page:

In addition to that, Denay has been engaed in peace talks between “Jonglei State” and Pibor Administrative Area. This could be a big achievement if it is meant for all the people of Jonglei State but as things stand if he succeeds with this peace initiative the people of Jonglei know who will be the major beneficiary of such efforts and that must be the immediate neighbor of Murle and those vulnerable communities which cannot defend themselves from other communities. There is no need of mentioning of any community or names, the people of Jonglei state know themselves.

Denay has also received travelled to Ethiopia alongside Nhial Deng Nhial to negotiate the resumption of road construction from Gambella to Bor town. If both roads from Juba and Gambella arrive in Bor town the major benecificiary will be those who will be reached or crossed by these roads.

In addition, Denay has adopted the slogan of “oyeeh” to emotionally empower some communities that identify themselves with such slogans and themes. In most of his speeches, Denay has also been worshipping some communities heroes and heroines without mentioning the heroes and heroines of other communities including his own Lou-Nuer community.

Many intellectual with five common senses will analyse the photo shoot in Bor town, his campaigns and fundraising for one or two specific communities for the last four months and come to the same conclusion we have made on the political path, naivity and inferioity that have hijacked this Jollywood politician. Don’t tell us that he needs 5 months or 5 years to travel to Akobo, Ayod, Atar, Fangak or Khorfulus.

It is obvious that a young man, who did all the dirty jobs including working in a mortuary or tracing dead people records in America, would want to go back to such life but it should be obvious at this point that Denay is not shooting his Jonglei theatric (Jollywood) for the country of South Sudan or for the state of Jonglei State. His mind is whitewashed to serve only one community and he has proven that he is fighting for them in all corners of the country they are displaced to. If he can track down that one specific community in Juba when prevents him from tracking down his own community and other Jonglei State communities in Juba or in Bor town?

Some people from Lou-Nuer community may identify themselves with this conman just for the sake of as their leader but chategorically speaking, the Lou-Nuer is just a shadow in his world at the movement just like the other Nuer substribes and other communities of Jonglei State that he is currently negligently ignorance of. Therefore, he will never have any plan for these communities unless if he is pushed just like we are doing but given that we are competing with his bread providers we will never get anywhere except that we will keep his track records.

This is the time that the communities in flood affected parts of Jonglei State need him the most but instead he has been focusing on projects such as peace initiative with the Murle that should not be a priority at the movement given the devastation and havoc caused by floods. The Murle are also hammered by the floods and should have no intention to attack any community at the movement.

In conclusion people should not be swayed by the Jollywood theatrice that this youngman is desperately seeking. This is a desperate conman who sneaked into a position he does not deserve through some conman tricks and instead of being appreciative and doing the right thing, he continue to seek attention and sympathy through the same conman’s ideas. Needless to say that any man can carry that small sack of sand that he was shooting photos with and that does not need to be recorded as a movie.

It might have been easy to lie about his age and his education, and got away with it given that he surfaced from no where but it will not be easy to lie and get away with work that has not been done especially now that services are desperately needed. As someone who has done hard labour for 8 to 16 hours a day in the west, he should sit his bumps down and try to do the job for at least 5 hours a day instead of spending hours shooting photos in a waterproof apron for Facebook likes and comments.

The author Dr. Ran Kuoth Chak can be reached through his email at [email protected]


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