How government supports flood victims

How government supports flood victims
How government supports flood victims

Africa-Press – Tanzania. DODOMA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has assured the general public that the government, in collaboration with various stakeholders, is implementing immediate measures, including offering humanitarian aid to help victims of floods that have ravaged some parts of the country.

The PM issued an assurance on Monday evening in the National Assembly when winding up the debate for the budget speech he tabled in the august House last week.

The MPs endorsed a 351bn/- budget for the Prime Minister’s Office and 181.8bn/- for the Parliament Fund.

According to the PM, the humanitarian aid being offered to the victims includes carrying out rescue operations, providing food, water, temporary shelter, medicine, seeds, and counseling services.

Mr Majaliwa called upon the general public to exercise maximum precaution during this ongoing rainy season.

“I kindly urge people to be patient whenever they reach any flood-prone spots, especially on roads or any other pathways to avoid unnecessary accidents that might be avoided,” the PM urged Prime Minister Majaliwa also dedicated the message to motorists and pedestrians by asking them to take precautionary measures, including avoiding crossing flooded crossing points on roads or pathways.

He ordered the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA), and the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) to institute quick measures to rehabilitate transport infrastructure whenever destruction occurs.

He said the measures must also include relaying information to users of transport infrastructure, placing precautionary signs on dangerous spots, and establishing temporary infrastructure maintenance camps.

Regions where the rains have reportedly caused damage, including destruction of property and loss of lives, are Arusha, Mbeya, Morogoro, Lindi, Kigoma, and Manyara.

The Prime Minister also called upon urban planning officers and land use planners to adhere to laws, rules, and regulations when discharging their responsibilities.

He reminded government executives to effectively supervise the disaster management procedures in line with the Tanzania Disaster Management Act, No 2022, and its regulations.

The country has established operational procedures and guidelines to allow the government to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property, the environment, and preserve a functioning government in times of natural and man-made/technological hazards.

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The PM equally reminded the general public of the importance of conserving the environment to have access to food, water, medicine, industrial raw materials, and energy from hydro sources.

The PM said the country is experiencing environmental destruction caused by cutting down of trees for firewood. Other malpractices that cause environmental degradation include clearing farms, free-range system in livestock keeping, wildfires, and farming close to water sources.

Mr Majaliwa ordered all leaders from village to regional level to effectively supervise environmental conservation measures, making it a permanent agenda.

He ordered governments at all levels to sensitize the general public on the importance of conserving the environment and the effects of burning down forests.

The government provides 189 tonnes

Meanwhile, yesterday, the government provided 189 tonnes of maize, sunflower, and rice seeds to Kilombero District floods’ victim farmers in Morogoro Region, reports ALLY MAYALA.

Prime Minister Majaliwa said President Samia Suluhu Hassan has offered the seeds as part of humanitarian supports to the Kilombero residents who were severely affected by floods.

“President Dr. Samia has sent the consolation message to the citizens affected by floods. She has also provided seeds to enable farmers to proceed with agricultural production when the situation returns to normalcy,” he said.

Mr Majaliwa visited the flood-affected areas at Mlimba, Taweta, Masagati in Kilombero District where he consoled the victims. In another development, he inspected the Kilombero River which covers three districts namely Kilombero, Ulanga, and Malinyi.

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According to Mr. Majaliwa, the Head of State has instructed for strengthening of health services, reconnecting roads, railways, and all other communication means as well as ensuring proper distribution of food to the victims.

The Premier said 20 medical doctors have been stationed in the affected areas in Morogoro and Coast Regions, purposely to attend flood victims.

He directed the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA), Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS), and the TanzaniaZambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) to immediately renovate damaged infrastructure and ensure the resumption of transport services as the government plans to undertake major renovation after the rainy season.

Mr Majaliwa also was scheduled to visit Ikwiriri, Muhoro, and Chumbi areas in Rufiji District, Coast Region.

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