Prayers should be our norm – Clerics

Prayers should be our norm – Clerics
Prayers should be our norm – Clerics

Africa-PressTanzania. AS 2021 kicks off, religious leaders have called on all Tanzanians, irrespective of their religious affiliations, to pray, asking for God’s mercy and make the year prosperous for the nation.

They said given the hard times that the world is experiencing, Tanzanian faithful must ask the Almighty God to save them from any kind of pandemic such as the world ravaging disease – Covid-19.

The clerics sent their messages at different worshipping houses during the New Year Eve.

Dar es Salaam Archbishop, Yuda Thaddeus Ruwa’ichi of the Catholic Church described 2020 as a year of challenges as the country, like other countries in the world, got a big test of Covid-19.

“We passed across a very difficult time, and other countries are still in trouble…In this challenge, God proved His presence to Tanzanians and we should continue praying so that He continues pouring His blessings on us,” Archbishop Ruwa’ichi said.

He said Tanzanians must thank the Almighty God for keeping them safe during the past year, and they should also continue to pray so that God continues to protect them and give them peace.

“Though the New Year 2021 may also come with its challenges, I believe that it will also come with its blessings,” he expressed hopefully.

Reverend Chediel Lwiza of the Azania Front Lutheran Church said 2020 was full of events, including elections and a major threat of Covid-19, which has shaken the whole world, but with the mercy of God, Tanzania has overcome it at a time when other countries are still facing big challenges.

“We (Tanzanians) should thank God because He has been on our side in the fight against the pandemic. God has been in our families and nation, He has not left us alone, and we pray that New Year 2021 be filled with God’s grace,” he appealed.

He also prayed for Tanzanian workers that the Lord may bless them in their activities as they start the New Year.

“Let us work hard and honestly. Let us be honest to our nation and be true patriots to our country by contributing to development,” he asked.

On the other hand, he appealed to Tanzanians to protect peace and security, noting that God has made Tanzania peaceful since independence, so it was the duty of every Tanzanian to ensure that the peace is sustained.

“Even if we have problems, it should not be justification for destroying peace because the result of absence of peace is more detrimental to the country,” he stated as he gave an example of some of the war-torn countries.


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