President Samia drums for peace, unity

President Samia drums for peace, unity
President Samia drums for peace, unity

Africa-Press – Tanzania. PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has said the prevailing peace, unity and harmony are the key catalysts and prerequisites for the country’s development that everyone should strive to safeguard and maintain.

The Head of State reminded Tanzanians that the government cannot throw its weight behind implementation of various development projects, including improving provision of social services across the country in absence of peace and tranquility.

Ms Samia made the statement separately in Iringa and Dodoma regions after the completion of her working tour of the southern Highlands regions that kicked off last week.

Speaking to the residents of Isimani constituency in Iringa region while on her way to Dodoma, President Samia expressed her satisfaction on projects that are being implemented.

“Peace and unity is the key secret for the success that we have recorded in implementation of development projects and the provision of social services here, I’m pleased with the manner in which you are protecting it. Let’s maintain the spirit for our own development,” said the president.

While in Mbeya, Njombe and Iringa regions, President Samia reminded Tanzanians of the importance of increasing productivity in their economic activities to improve income both at individual and national level.

The Head of State noted further that since the government has continued instating measures geared to improve business and economic activities it’s crucial for Tanzanians to take advantage of it through hard work.

“We will continue improving provision of social services such as health, education, water, energy, including improving infrastructure to foster the country’s development as we believe all these will facilitate people’s engagement in economic activities,” she said.

Expounding, President Samia urged residents of Isimani to consider providing nutritious food to their children in a move to promote good health of the teenagers.

“But also, you shouldn’t sell all the crops to be harvested from your farms, make sure you preserve some for domestic consumption,” urged President Samia.

Her statement was in line with the remarks of the Minister for Investment, Industry and Trade Dr Ashatu Kijaji who assured residents of Isimani of the government’s commitment to facilitate domestic and international trade for the available food and cash crops.

“The ministry shall continue looking for markets of Tanzanian produce but you don’t have to sell all the crops, some should be kept for home consumption,” she said.

For her part, Minister for Health, Ummy Mwalimu said the government through her docket will continue to ensure accessibility of medicine and medical supplies in all hospitals, urging parents to give nutritious food to their children.

“This is a key strategy in fighting malnutrition among children in our country,” she said, asking parents to make better use of the food crops for better health of the children.

Speaking, Minister for Agriculture Hussein Bashe encouraged Isimani farmers to venture in strategic crops including sunflower that will help in curbing shortage of edible oil in the country.

He asked farmers to take advantage of government initiative taken to subsidise fertilisers meant to increase and improve production.

In the current fiscal year, the government plans to spend a total of 950bn/-, whereas 150bn/- is allocated in subsidising fertilisers.

The subsidy has lowered prices of fertilisers to an average of between 50,000/- and 70,000/- from the current market price of up to 136,135/-.

The government’s subsidisation has lowered the price of DAP fertiliser to 70,000/-from the market price of 136,135/- and the Urea from 124,714/- to 70,000/-.

Price of CAN is now being sold at 60,000/- from 108,156/-, SA 50,000/- from 87,872/- while NPK is now available to farmers at a cost of 70,000/- against the market price of 122,695/-.

Moreover, he said, the government is implementing a 6,000- acre irrigation project in Isimani constituency 2022/23 financial year.

“Plans are on the cards to prepare more 20,000 acres in the next financial year 2023/24,” he said, adding that the projects will be executed in reliable water sources to ensure effective farming throughout the year.

On Monday during the climax of the Agriculture exhibitions held in Mbeya, President Samia witnessed the signing of 21 contracts worth 182bn/- for construction of irrigation schemes to be implemented this year.

The projects are carried out under the objective of increasing agricultural productivity, which has always been a prominent feature on the country’s agenda to avert incidences of food and nutrition insecurity and increase the capacity to export the surplus.

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