SMEs urged to register businesses for brighter future

SMEs urged to register businesses for brighter future
SMEs urged to register businesses for brighter future

Africa-Press – Tanzania. SIMIYU: SIMIYU Regional Commissioner (RC) Dr Yahaya Nawanda, has called upon Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to register their businesses to increase productivity and generate more profits.

RC Nawanda made the remarks yesterday when he officially inaugurated Electronic registration and issuance of Business Identification Cards (BIC) for Small Businessmen from Six District Councils located within the Simiyu Region while officiating at the launch of the training programme.

“The formalisation of businesses will open up markets and add value to the products. Also once the business is recognised, business persons will be now able to seek loans and expand their businesses,” said RC Nawanda.

He asked all participants to positively pick important issues from the training saying it was a great opportunity for them to gain skills and learn procedures for expanding their businesses and making more profit.

He said the training focuses on important areas such as identifying, registering, and providing Electronic Identification to the SMEs.

He said by mastering the said key areas, traders will be able to conduct their businesses within the region and beyong.

For his part, the Simiyu Regional Business Officer Mr Mustafa Kimomwe said the system of Identification, Registration, and Distribution of IDs to the SMEs is connected with the National Identifications Authority (NIDA) system which enables the identification of businessmen in different areas of the region.

“The systems will closely monitor business development to enable them to generate more income, especially those who have loans from the government and be able to repay the loans, “said Mr Kimomwe.

He noted that the exercise will be carried out with great efficiency in the region, once the training of the System is completed. Additionally, the participants said the training will help them to formalise their businesses.

“We have been facing several challenges including being rejected by some some of the Financial Institutions, so registering us will help us to get loans and other support from various areas,” said Mr Juma Hassan, one of the beneficiaries.

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