TRA stages Mapinduzi bonanza for taxpayers

TRA stages Mapinduzi bonanza for taxpayers
TRA stages Mapinduzi bonanza for taxpayers

Africa-PressTanzania. THE Tanzania Revenue Authority decided to lay down tax collecting tools yesterday when its staff joined members of the public for the sports bonanza to celebrate Zanzibar’s Revolution Day.

The event was held at the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) Sports grounds in Njiro area, in the outskirts of Arusha City.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority, staged the Mapinduzi Day sports bonanza to commemorate the Zanzibar Revolution Day, observed annually on the 12th of January.

“This special bonanza is meant to forge mutual understanding and cooperation between the TRA staff members and the taxpayers,” explained the TRA Commissioner General, Edwin Mhede.

Mhede maintained that, sporting activities go hand-in-hand with creating friendship, boosting health and providing entertainment excursion to the hardworking employees of the Revenue Collecting Body.

Among the activities that took place during the bonanza included football, netball, and volleyball, skipping and chasing chicken competitions.

“We usually only meet with our clients formally during revenue paying or collecting sessions mostly in unfriendly environments such as offices or business premises, sports make it possible for the two sides to converge under better and more friendly reasons,” stated the TRA Taxpayers’ Service Manager, Honesta Ndunguru.

On his part, the TRA Administration Manager, Yahsin Masyaga said the task of collecting revenue is not only difficult but sometimes even creates enmity; therefore it is important for both the tax collectors and members of the public to hatch initiatives that will always give them reasons to meet informally.

“Sports is one of such initiatives, then friendly discussions, joint training sessions and visitation will help melt the ice and make tax collection and payment an enjoyable experience not cat and mouse game,” added Masyaga.

The sports bonanza was part of the ongoing weeklong gathering of the members of the Tanzania Revenue Authority staff attending the TRA Mid-Year Review Meeting, taking place at the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC).

The TRA events here also target to issue final reminder for owners of Electronic Fiscal Devices to upgrade their machines with the new 2.1 firmware protocol.


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