Wasafi TV banned for six months

Wasafi TV banned for six months
Wasafi TV banned for six months

Africa-PressTanzania. TANZANIA Communication Authority Regulation (TCRA) has suspended a local television station Wasafi TV for six months with effect from today for violating broadcasting rules and regulations.

This means that the entertainment television channel will be back on air on July 6 this year.

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, TCRA Acting Director General, Johanes Kalungula said the station was penalised for violating rules, regulations and licensing conditions.

He said the station was found guilty of breaking the broadcasting rules through its programme called ‘Tumekiwasha Live Concert’, adding that the channel must apologise to the public for the offense committed.

“The station must stop airing its programmes with immediate effect after this order, and spend the remaining hours of today (yesterday) apologising to the public for the offence,” Mr Kalungula said when issuing the order.

Mr Kalungula explained that on January 1 this year between 08 pm and 11pm, through ‘Tumekiwasha Live Concert’ programme, the station made a live coverage of a concert that involved an artiste known as Gift Stanford Joshua Mwakyusa, stage name Giggy Money, who performed an obscene dance, deliberately exposing her private parts, an act which is against the rules.

He explained that Wasafi TV violated regulations number 11 (1) (b) (c) and (d) of the Electronic and Postal Communication regulations (radio and television broadcasting content) 2018 which require the content provider to ensure that it does not broadcast content that does not respect the dignity and values of the community.

Also, they have violated regulation number 28 (4) of the Electronic and Postal Communications regulations (radio and television broadcasting content), 2018 which prohibits a service provider from publishing content with nude or explicit images.

“The service provider must comply with the terms, rules and conditions of the license in accordance with the instructions given by TCRA in advertising its content,” he said.

Mr Kalungula further said on January 4, 2021, TCRA issued an order requiring Wasafi TV Station to report on Tuesday to TCRA to give an explanation why legal action should not be taken against them for violating Regulations No.12, (2) (b) and (e), 14 (a) and (b) and 28 (4) of the Electronic and Post Communication Regulations (radio and television broadcasting content), 2018.

According to Mr Kalungula, Wasafi TV will face severe penalties from the regulator should they defy the orders imposed on them yesterday.

Last September, the Authority slapped Wasafi FM, Wasafi TV sister media outlet, with a seven-day ban for violating communication regulations and airing abusive language.


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