AfricaPress-Tanzania: DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mr Biswalo Mganga has directed citizens engaged in protected areas at Kilombero Basin to stop immediately and look for other places in order to protect the environment.

Mr Mganga gave such directives at a function to officiate the opening of the Kilombero District Prosecution Office in Morogoro Region recently, according to a statement published by the National Prosecution Services’ Office Headquarters.

The DPP pointed out that the national interest are always ahead of personal interest, so the protection of the reserved areas was a key factor in defending the wider national interest.

He said the Kilombero Basin was reliable area for the implementation of Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station (JNHS), also called Rufiji Hydroelectric Power Station project, thus any destruction of natural resources therein was not acceptable at all.

“Until now there are still government employees going to conduct farming activities at the Kilombero River Basin. I want them to stop because they are destroying the environment,” the DPP warned.

He added: “I will not look at the face of anyone, be it an MP, a politician, a religious leader in protecting this River Basin. I will take action as personal interests cannot exceed the interests of Sixty Million Tanzanians.”

The DPP said that the government has invested heavily in the Mwalimu Nyerere Power Project and the dam was largely dependent on water from Kilombero River. Therefore, according to him, any destruction would cause water scarcity, thus, leading to massive losses of money.

In addition, Mr Mganga said, the continuation of agricultural activities in those areas causes the country to continue importing electricity from abroad, a situation which could cause industries lacking reliable electricity.

“I, as the DPP, will not look at the face of a person, the interests of a Member of Parliament or a councillor should be set aside. We should always put national interest first because we cannot witness this power project destroyed because of the interests of the few,” he said.

He asked District Commissioners to ensure that they prevent humanitarian activities in the area and make sure the rules are followed. He also urged the people to look for other areas to conduct agricultural activities.


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