AfricaPress-Tanzania: THE Chief of National Service (JKT) Major General Charles Mbuge has applauded officers of the army and volunteers for helping the force save money and initiate new development projects.

Major Gen Mbuge said the commitment shown by the cadres helped the JKT to construct the Dodoma Metal Factory. Mbuge said the construction of the factory, which is expected to start production at the end of this year, was down to tireless efforts of servicemen and women in the army.

“We are in the process of importing (machinery) from our Chinese counterparts but the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the process, we expect to start production by the end of this year,” Major General Mbuge noted.

He said despite having a few officers they are highly committed and dedicated to serving their nation, noting that the JKT youth workforce has been used in the construction of Dodoma State House, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) building, and the Mirerani wall.

“The young blood in JKT has been used in various fields of production, implementation of projects as well as disasters, they are young people who do not wait for what the nation will do for them, but what they do for the nation since,” he added.

Regarding the strategy of producing food crops and trade, Major General Mbuge said in the 2021 season, JKT forces expect to cultivate 12,247 acres to produce various food and commercial crops.


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