AfricaPress-Tanzania: ASSEMBLE Insurance has launched an affordable health cover, Bronze Jamii, which targets common Tanzanians.

The firm, launched the product over the weekend, vowed to focus on offering affordable insurance products to the masses.

Assemble Insurance Chief Operation Officer Dr Emmanuel Bwana said during the launch that said the reasons behind introducing the Bronze Jamii was in response to the demand from their clients, innovation and the need to expand the services to reach a larger number of people.

“We will offer affordable products…since we recognise that the current market demand requires quality and affordable health insurance services, especially to the low- and middle-income population,” Dr Bwana said.

The launch event was also used as a platform to interact with intermediaries and provide more information on the functionalities and benefits of the new product.

The ‘Bronze Jamii’ will offer comprehensive cover to both individual, family and corporate at very affordable rates, ranging from 360,000/- to 450,000/- while providing access to medical services across the country through participating medical providers— hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and pharmacies— with the efficient claim process.

Assemble Insurance, formerly known as AAR Insurance, is among the largest private Insurance firms in East Africa with operations in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda and serves Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan through an affiliate partners.

In Tanzania the firm has offices in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar, and Dodoma with 40,000 clients.


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