AfricaPress-Tanzania: ZANZIBAR Second Vice-President Mr Hemed Suleiman Abdalla has called on civil servants including executives to improve their performance because that is what people want to see in all public offices. He made the call during his working tour in Pemba Island, where he met the government employees and residents in different areas of Pemba, reminding workers about their responsibility to provide better services to people.

“The eighth phase government under President Hussein Mwinyi wants to deliver and serve the people better, as promised during the campaign and in the ruling party CCM 2020/2025 manifesto,” said Mr Abdalla.

Talking to executives at Makonyo (cloves buds) factory in Wawi, South Pemba, Mr Abdalla put emphasis on efficiency in all public offices.

“Avoid business as usual attitude, because President Mwinyi’s government is committed to tackle challenges facing people,” he said.

He said that positions held by government employees including executives was not for leisure and personal gains, but to serve people and find solutions to challenges facing them.

Mr Abdalla said that services delivered in some public institutions such as Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA), Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO) and Health facilities need improvement because people still complain.

“Executives in the public offices should collaborate to overcome challenges that cause people’s dissatisfaction. Collective responsibility is good in delivery of better services,” he said.

Abdalla said, “You are all accountable. Dr Mwinyi issued 13 directives which must be implemented under your supervision. We must implement the directives along with avoiding engaging in corruption and other malpractices.” The Second Vice-President also emphasised on improving revenue collection by broadening the tax base.

He said the target is to increase the collection by being creative in identifying new sources of income and ensure all people/ organisations pay tax as per laws. However, he warned the taxman not to harass the businesspeople by using force in collecting tax.


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