PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein has directed infrastructure, communication and transport ministry to speed up service delivery to wananchi for rapid economic growth.

Dr Shein also underscored the need for the relevant ministry to create supportive working environment for its employees, especially those working on the ocean and on the roads.

President Shein was speaking at the State House here on Monday when he met the ministry management and received the portfolio’s performance report for July-December, 2020 period.

He warned that there are some ill-intentioned employees bent on sabotaging the ministry, and ordered stern legal measures against them.

The president emphasized on the need for government institutions to convene and deliberate on the best execution of public projects to avoid possible future problems and challenges.

He proposed the establishment of a government agency to operate the modern workshop for motorized machines in Zanzibar and provide quality services using available experts and modern tools.

President Shein reminded Zanzibaris and all road users in the country to observe traffic rules and regulations, saying some motorists were deliberately ignoring the rules.

He directed police officers to perform their duties diligently by arresting and charging all careless drivers before the courts.

Chief Secretary, Dr Abdulhamid Yahya Mzee said the ministry, which has many revenue sources, including airports and ports, needs highly skilled and competent employees, describing the airports and ports as sensitive areas to the Zanzibar economy.

Infrastructure Minister, Sira Ubwa Mamboya said during the first half of the 2019 /2020, the ministry completed construction of various roads in Unguja and Pemba to tarmac level. He cited the 35-kilometre O le-Kengeja road whose construction is progressing well, with the 22.5 kilometer stretch already completed.

Minister Ubwa assured that construction of the passenger building at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA) will be completed within schedule using domestic funds.

The ministry through the airport authority has succeeded in intensifying services at AAKIA by strengthening security and repairing eight X -ray machines for inspections, said the minister.


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