Bangirana had passion for children

Bangirana had passion for children
Bangirana had passion for children

Africa-PressUganda. Pauline Bangirana, a journalist at Daily Monitor, is no more after succumbing to Covid-19 yesterday at Nsambya Hospital. She made 30 on May 24 and had big dreams. “She wanted to do many things and always encouraged her siblings to keep working hard,” her aunt Lelia Bangirana told Daily Monitor.

As an intern, Bangirana joined Daily Monitor after attending Uganda Christian University (UCU) for a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication. Her hard work and reliability got her retained as a freelance writer on the features desk under the leadership of Ms Carol Beyanga. “At the end of her internship, we kept her around because she put in effort and wanted to stay,” said Ms Beyanga who is now the Head, Partnerships, Mentoring and Monetisation at Nation Media Group Uganda.

“She started with contributing for the Rainbow Magazine and grew into a dependable features writer,” added Ms Beyanga.

Bangirana was dedicated to the welfare of women and children, which explains her devotion to the Rainbow Magazine, a children’s pullout in Daily Monitor, and a parenting column in Sunday Life magazine in the Sunday Monitor. She had a three-year-old daughter by the time of her demise. “She looked out for child-parent oriented projects,” said Ms Justin Rukundo, the Sunday Life magazine editor.

Daily Monitor librarian Jackie Chekwech shared a special relationship with Bangirana and they caught up during breaks. “She was such a loving person who did not want to see anyone suffer, especially women and children,” Ms Chekwech said.Bangirana was also an entrepreneur and woman activist involved in development work and charitable causes.

Her calm demeanor gave the impression of an introvert but Bangirana was a full package waiting to get unmasked. Her squeaky laugh cut across the newsroom once in a while and once she got along with pretty much everyone. “She was a bubbly and jolly figure and I don’t recall her quarrelling with anyone,” said Ms Beyanga.

Bangirana will be laid to rest today in Kagongo, Ibanda District.


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