Buruuli cultural institution appoints ambassador

Buruuli cultural institution appoints ambassador
Buruuli cultural institution appoints ambassador

Africa-Press – Uganda. Buruuli cultural institution has appointed Mr Robinson Masembe, an IT specialist and businessman, as their ambassador.

Mr Masembe’s appointment was announced by the Buruuli cultural leader (Isabaruuli), Mr Mwogezi Butamanya, at a press conference last week.

Isabaruuli Butamanya noted that when he first met Mr Masembe, he saw the latter’s need to bring people together and discovered that he is a person he has always wished to work with.

“I am looking forward to working with Mr Masembe as the Ambassador of Buruuli Kingdom because he can help with unification and development, both of which the kingdom needs at the moment,” the king said.

“Mr Robinson Masembe is welcome in the kingdom, and all the Baruuli people want from him is transparency and togetherness,” he added.

The Buruuli cultural leader revealed that the cultural institution is faced with a lack of communication infrastructure, health, and education facilities, as well as a lack of business opportunities, the reason he wants Mr Masembe to help establish partnerships with investors and other development partners.

On his part, Mr Masembe said he wants to bring in investors who will help develop infrastructure and fight poverty and unemployment in the kingdom.

Although Nakasongola (Buruuli) is constitutionally among the 18 counties of Buganda, the cultural leader of ethnic Baruuli insists that they are an independent cultural institution.

According to the Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act, 2010, Kamuswaga of Kooki and Isabaruuli are listed among the 13 traditional leaders in Uganda.

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