Covid-19: Soroti varsity turns to virtual learning

Covid-19: Soroti varsity turns to virtual learning
Covid-19: Soroti varsity turns to virtual learning

Africa-PressUganda. Soroti University has embarked on training of its lecturers on how to conduct virtual lessons for their students.

The public university opened in 2018 and is expected to pass out its first pioneer students in 2023.

Prof John Robert Ikoja, the vice chancellor, told Daily Monitor on Monday that the online training is one of its ambitious initiatives aimed at maximising the limited time caused by interruptions due to Covid-19.

Like other institutions, Soroti University closed last week on the directive of the President in order to contain the second wave of Covid-19.

Prof Ikoja said they expect the lecturers to start the virtual lectures to help students catch up on lost time.

“Immediately the teaching staff is acquainted with the virtual experiment multimedia online training, they will roll out practical online lectures, but theoretical ones are already on,” he said.

Mr James Gregory Okello, the academic registrar, said students undertaking the three pioneer programmes of medicine and surgery, nursing and computer science and electronics are going to benefit from the online learning.

“We have put in place zero connectivity with Airtel for all our students, Airtel will not charge them for that service because we have paid up front,” the academic registrar explained.

Mr Okello said under the online programme, students will be able to find electronic reference codes to enable them access the university library.

“After online learning, the students will be able to use the knowledge acquired to report back and conduct practicals in the various designated laboratories,” he explained.

“If resources permit, we shall be able to have first graduates in 2023, but it may not be feasible for planned programmes because of interruptions,” he said.


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