Dei chief vows to advance vaccine research

Dei chief vows to advance vaccine research
Dei chief vows to advance vaccine research

Africa-Press – Uganda. Dr Matthias Magoola, the chief executive officer of Dei Group of Companies, has pledged to use his newly-acquired Professional Doctorate (PD) in Management to further advance research into the manufacture of vaccines and medicines.

A professional doctorate (PD) is awarded to professionals, who have practical experience in their field and want to increase their knowledge and advance their careers while a PhD is designed for graduates who are interested in doing original and applied research that tests theory and adds to the existing knowledge in their particular field or discipline.

Dr Magoola, whose company is building a drugs and vaccines manufacturing plant in Matugga, Wakiso District, was awarded the PD by the European International University of France based in Paris on February 19.

The thesis: “Synergistic Approaches in Neurodegenerative Therapeutics: Multi-Target Drug Innovative Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease,” was published in Pharmaceuticals, a Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and related drug sciences.

Dr Magoola said this was a key milestone in the fight against several incurable diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders, HIV/Aids, HPV, and cancers. “We have found the most innovative new ways to treat neurodegenerative disorders for the first time,” he said in an interview yesterday.

He hailed the government for supporting scientists advance their innovations. “Without the President’s dedicated support, we wouldn’t be achieving these milestones and it is fair that we must thank and credit him for these achievements. These achievements are for Uganda,” he said.

Dr Magoola, who has more than 10 innovative patents focusing on new advanced therapies, will next month lead a team of fellow scientists for a meeting at the Food and Drug Administration of the USA to discuss their first product submission on an innovation to treat cancers and severe anaemia, using mRNA technology.

Another of the inventions is the “mNRA-Based Vaccine Composition for Inducing Immune Response Against HIV and HPV” patented under certificate number 63921929 in the USA.

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