Former NRM LC3 aspirant, 24 others remanded for drinking beyond curfew time

Former NRM LC3 aspirant, 24 others remanded for drinking beyond curfew time
Former NRM LC3 aspirant, 24 others remanded for drinking beyond curfew time

Africa-PressUganda. Former NRM Candidate for LC3 Chairperson for Lugazi Central division and other twenty-four people have been remanded to Bugungu prison in Buikwe district for disobeying lawful orders of the president after they were found in the bar drinking beyond curfew time.

Mr Micheal Kayongo, 42, the owner of Pentagon bar in Lugazi Municipality and former aspirant for Lugazi central division was arrested in a bar with other 24 people and charged with disobedience of lawful orders contrary to section 117 of the penal code, and negligent acts likely to spread infection of disease contrary to section 171 of the penal code.

Amongst those arrested with Mr Kayongo are civilians; Ms Milly Nabitibwa,22, Ms Mary Kashiringi,28, Ms Maria Nakawunde,20, Mr Yudaya Nsubuga,21, Ms Sarah Namwanje,28, Mr Isaac Adriko,28, Mr Paul Lokiru,20, Mr Desterio Okiringi,34, Mr Justine Kamari,30, Mr David Nsamba Wanjala,34, Mr Badru Ntege,27, Mr Moses Wejuli,31, Mr Joseph Longoli,25, Mr Joseph Jolly Samanya,38 and Mr Joseph Naitan,36- who were all found at the Pentagon bar in Lugazi.

Some of the girls accused of flauting curfew. PHOTO/DERRICK KISSA.

Others arrested after being found in bars are; Mr Moses Mayanja,27, Mr Lawrence Lubega,23, Ms Suzan Buleru,22, Mr Stephen Byakuleka,22, Mr Egidius Kalugaba,37, Mr Shafik wandera,21, Mr Fred Ssenyondo, 25, Mr Umaru Bogre,36 and Mr Ali Kanya,28.

The 25 were arraigned before Senior grade one Magistrate of Lugazi court- Ms Stella Maris Amabirisi, on Monday evening and they all denied the offenses claiming that they were arrested on their way back home but not from the bar.

One of the 24 suspects cries as they were being driven to prison. PHOTO/DERRICK KISSA.

Ms. Amabirisi remanded them to Bugungu prison, Buikwe district, up to February 26 for the hearing of the case and bail application

Mr. Godfrey Kaziba, a resident of Lugazi Municipality blamed police for arresting innocent people.

“In Lugazi we have factories like SCOUL, Tembo steel and many others but sometimes workers are arrested as they leave the factory and the police charges them with disobedience of the lawful orders. If that is it, let the President order the closure of the factories, last time they arrested very many but only 24 were brought to court which means the police is also corrupt.” Mr. Kaziba said.

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