NRM legislators pass 10 resolutions

NRM legislators pass 10 resolutions
NRM legislators pass 10 resolutions

Africa-PressUganda. President Museveni yesterday endorsed 10 resolutions raised and passed by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) newly elected law makers that have been attending a three-week retreat at National Leadership Institute (NALI) Kyankwanzi.

During the closing ceremony at Ngoma State Lodge, Ngoma Sub-county in Nakaseke District, 243 MPs-elect resolved to implement the resolutions, which among others, include better learning conditions in universal education programmes.

The resolutions presented by Ms Juliet Achayo, the MP-elect of Ngora County, span across ideology and leadership, how to grow the economy, improve works and transport and health sectors.

Lawmakers also agreed to support government in improving the communication sector, energy and mineral development.Key among the resolutions was the plan to adhere to the programmes captured in the NRM manifesto such as better healthcare, push for an improved approach to handle land matters and popularise the parish model.

To persuade Opposition

The legislators also resolved to persuade Opposition members to undergo training at the NALI to prevent them from hindering progress.

They also vowed to support President Museveni in implementing the land law recommendations made by the Justice Bamugereire Land Commission.

However, lawmakers opposed the resolution to reduce the frequency of foreign trips by government officials, drawing a response from the President. “When we meet fully as the caucus of the NRM, we can sort these issues,” Mr Museveni said.

He added: “Parliament is not the one which runs the government. I am putting this to the referendum and resolve this issue once and for all. So let’s remove that part and we shall sort it out in the caucus,” he added.

Mr Museveni was, however, unclear on the date when the NRM caucus would sit to resolve the matter.This was the second time the President openly opposed foreign travels by government officials.

Mr Museveni, also NRM national chairperson, urged the MPs to support him through implementation of the resolution saying the incoming ‘kisanja [term] is not going to be for joking.’

Some issues in the resolutions

1. Ideology and leadership•Appreciate President Museveni’s visionary, valiant and committed leadership to the Uganda2. Economy• Support the vigorous implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) III within the framework of Vision 20403: Works and transport• To support the construction of roads in DR Congo as part of the bilateral cooperation and improve inter-district roads to facilitate trade.4. Energy and minerals• Support promotion and development of alternative energy sources and exploitation and development of the countrys vast natural resources5: The Education and Sports Sector.• Support government in implementation of free education.6: Communication• Support effective communication of vision, mission, principles and government achievements and programmes of NRM basing on factual information7. NRM manifesto2021/2026• To support the robust implementation of the provisions of the manifesto and mobilise communities in raising household incomes8. Land matters• Support implementation of recommendations of the Bamugemereire Land Commission.9. Health• Support efforts in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic10 Parish model• To support operationalisation of parish model as a strategy to attain food security.

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