Police impound vehicles with same number plates

Police impound vehicles with same number plates
Police impound vehicles with same number plates

Africa-PressUganda. Police have impounded two cars with the same registration number plate.

A black Toyota Harrier and white Subaru Forester have registration number UBG 129Y.

According to investigators, number plates on both cars appear to be genuine, which prompted them to write to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)for details.

Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Oweyisigyire yesterday said the URA was yet to respond.

The police discovered the anomaly after their traffic officers stopped Mr James Echeku, a driver in the Harrier, for nonpayment of Express Penalty Scheme (EPS) tickets. The driver denied having been issued any ticket.

“The driver said he was the only person who drove his car and he insisted that he had never been issued with a ticket,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Owoyesogyire said.

This prompted the police officers to fetch the details of the person who was driving the car with same licence plate number.

The driver of the Harrier also denied knowing the person police claimed was driving the vehicle then.

Mr Owoyesigyire said the driver of the Harrier left, but continued to investigate who could have used his licence plate. “After a few days, the owner of the Harrier called police after he saw the white Subaru with the same licence plate. The officers responded but when they stopped the driver, he jumped out of the car and took off. Both cars were impounded and are parked at Nateete Police Station,” he said.

Investigations show that the owner of the Subaru has been using all the details, including the names of the owner of the Harrier.

“Even the third party for the Subaru is in the name of the owner of the Harrier car. We are now investigating fraud. We shall determine who to charge after we have got more information from URA,” he said.


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