Stop provoking security, Tumwine tells youth

Stop provoking security, Tumwine tells youth
Stop provoking security, Tumwine tells youth

Africa-PressUganda. Security minister Elly Tumwine has appealed to the youth to stay away from provoking security personnel.

While addressing the heads of the National Youth Council ahead of the General Election at Makerere University yesterday, Gen Tumwine said government has deployed police and army to ensure peace in the country, not to threaten the citizens.

“This is not to intimidate you but if you maintain peace, there will be no problems. We have enough manpower to deploy police and army because our population are all in the security services,” he said

Gen Tumwine also revealed that police and the army recruit every year to enforce security.

Last month, Minister Tumwine was on the spot for making comments in which he said the army has a right to shoot and kill civilians if they exceed their limits.

He was justifying why armed officers had shot more than 54 people during demonstrations that ensued after the arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine.

Gen Tumwine warned the youth to be ready to deal with the consequences when they attack security officers because they have a right to defend themselves.

He also urged the youth to spread the message of peace during elections.

“Sacrifise this time and volunteer to go those people you think you can encourage to avoid riots. Whether there is facilitation or not, do your best to avoid riots or anybody convincing you to throw a stone at a security officer because that is also a sign of violence,” he said.

The President of National Youth Council, Mr Jacob Eyeru, said they are doing their best to ensure that the youth do not start riots during elections.

“Several politicians have been using the young generation to fulfil their individual interests which is not right,” he said. Mr Eyeru also said it is unfortunate that young people present their interest to make money from politicians instead of finding solutions for the country’s problems.

“We think that in the next term, young people are going to be on the frontline to offer a call for leadership where they can talk largely on the issues affecting the country,” he said.

He called upon the youth to be more productive in the economy. [email protected]


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