Phones That Are Being Disconnected From WhatsApp

Phones That Are Being Disconnected From WhatsApp
Phones That Are Being Disconnected From WhatsApp

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. WhatsApp is no longer officially supported on some phones and users have already started experiencing issues. WhatsApp installation might even be still working but it will soon stop. This is because Facebook, the makers of WhatsApp, has decided to stop supporting these older phones. This is a blow to many Zimbabweans considering that WhatsApp is the beginning and end of all communications. According to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), WhatsApp is the internet for most people and a lot of informal and formal businesses rely on it for their communications and even making sales. Below is a list of phones that are no longer supported.

Some are settling for either budget brands like the Xiaomi, iTel and Techno or they end up buying refurbished secondhand yesteryear flagships. The problem with the latter is one ends up with a phone that’s closer to its end of life support.

Some are buying new phones while some who have unsupported Android phones buy some time by installing WhatsApp versions such as GBWhatsApp. Reports suggest that these versions will eventually stop working too as they are based on the official WhatsApp installation file.


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