Reactions To New Policy On Importation Of Second-Hand Vehicles

Reactions To New Policy On Importation Of Second-Hand Vehicles
Reactions To New Policy On Importation Of Second-Hand Vehicles

Africa-PressZimbabwe. Zimbabwe recently issued Statutory Instrument (SI) 89 of 2021 which among other things states that the importation of second-hand vehicles aged 10 years and above would require an Import Licence from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

There are mixed reactions to the new policy with some suggesting that it is unjust while some say it is being misunderstood. We present below some of the reactions posted on social media.

Tinashe M suggested that the SI was an indication of the government’s cruelty. Tinashe said:

This is a 2010 vehicle. For whatever twisted reason, GoZ has decided to ban its importation. Citizens using free funds paying USD taxes cannot do so anymore. The ministers who sign this into law, get their brand new cars courtesy of the taxpayer.

Philip Kudzayi said while vehicles that are ten years old are being banned, the roads are not being serviced. Kudzayi Tweeted:

Funny. Roads that haven’t been serviced in 40 years demanding that vehicles be “at most 10 years old”.

Been doing a random survey where I live in Unit K. The cars in question are very expensive for the middle class. Wonder where Mthuli pegs the classes in Zim. Unit K middle class can not match up

The cars have not been banned as you allege. But you now require an import permit to import a 10 year old car. I think this is a gvt initiative to raise funds through import permits

its not a ban, Correct . Its however not true that gov intends to raise funds thru import permit fees. Import licence at the moment the last time I checked 2 weeks back is ZWL150. The restriction is meant to support the motor Industry. Its meant to promote the buy local, however, as it is in Zim there is no Motor industry to protect. zthe gov itself is on the front importing buses instead of buying local. Motor industry is down because of these imports despite having the capacity. This is the challenge “policy Reversal”

It emanates from corruption. Someone affiliated to @zanupf_patriots is buying those buses outside the country at inflated prices. @nickmangwana is very much aware. those are the pple who asslicks munangagwa kuitura immunity. Instead of creating jobs they are exporting.

Others dismissed the view that the SI was meant to protect the local motor industry saying that industry is long dead.


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