Responses To President Mnangagwa’s Pledge To Donate US$1 million To The Global Fund

Responses To President Mnangagwa’s Pledge To Donate US$1 million To The Global Fund
Responses To President Mnangagwa’s Pledge To Donate US$1 million To The Global Fund

Africa-Press – Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe last week pledged to donate US$1 million towards the Global Fund’s 7th replenishment coffers. The pledge was made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the United Nations General Assembly.

The Global Fund is an independent, multilateral financing entity designed to raise new resources to combat HIV/Aids, TB and malaria in low and middle-income countries.

Speaking at the UN session, Mnangagwa said:

Zimbabwe has received in the last 20 years about US$2.6 billion of Global Fund. In the recent cycle of funding, Zimbabwe has received US$56 million for HIV, malaria US$62 million and TB US$25 million. Now, these resources will be used for the reduction of HIV infections. Zimbabwe also received US$98 million for the COVID-19 pandemic support.

The donation has attracted varying responses from Zimbabweans from all walks of life. Pindula News presents below some of the responses to the gesture:

Itai Rusike, Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) executive director said Zimbabwe’s contribution had ensured that HIV, TB and malaria responses are delivered through investment in resilient and sustainable systems for health. Rusike told NewsDay Zimbabwe:

The effectiveness of the Global Fund is made possible by donors and contributors like Zimbabwe and has proved its worth in the wake of COVID-19 — the worst health crisis faced by the modern world.

Zimbabwe’s contribution has led to a successful refill of the Global Fund resource basket and this will have a high impact on the sustainable control of the three diseases and contribute to achieving universal health coverage as well as Sustainable Development Goal 3 on the health and well-being of all.

W. Zambezi Snr @williamzambezi:

Ceilings are falling in our hospitals.

Teedzayi @Teedzayi:

Where is the money honestly…

Dube Odain @OdainDube:

Inobvepi vanhu vachitadza kuwana ma salary akakwana and more taxation [Where does it come from when workers are not being paid well…]

Admire Milton @Admryr:

we get almost 500mil every 3yrs or so from the same fund, guess it’s a gesture not a bad one in the grand scheme of things. The question is really how that grant is used coz, health is the most subsidies of all sectors and still in shambles.

The Global Fund has been supporting public health programmes for the past two decades with over US$2 billion having been invested in Zimbabwe to date.

The Global Fund raised US$14.25 billion at its seventh financing summit hosted by the United States in New York.

Italy and the United Kingdom were among the Global Fund’s largest contributors.

The pledges in the coming weeks will push the overall funding amount closer to the US$18 billion goal.

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