1,500 jobs created

1,500 jobs created
1,500 jobs created

Africa-Press – Angola. The Action Plan for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE), launched more than a year ago in Huambo province, allowed the creation of 1,500 direct and indirect jobs, following the distribution of professional kits and micro-credits.

The provincial director of INEFOP, Edvaldo da Costa, told that, with a view to promoting employment within the scope of PAPE, the province was awarded 764 professional kits, for 15 specialties, of which 292 have already been delivered to young people. from several municipalities, which complied with all the requirements.

According to Edvaldo Costa, by the end of this year, INEFOP intends to deliver another 3,450 kits, to guarantee employment in their communities, mainly for young people.

“INEFOP does not want to keep the kits in stock, but rather distribute them to professionals from different areas, as long as they have been registered by the Services of the Professional Training Institute or by the Municipal Administrations”, said Edvaldo Costa, adding that the beneficiaries will have the opportunity to offer employment to two or three more young people from their areas of jurisdiction.

The INEFOP official assured that the launch of the fourth phase of PAPE is planned, which will benefit 400 young people from the municipality of Huambo. He made it known that, in order for more young people to benefit from PAPE, in the multipurpose pavilion number two, in the city of Huambo, registration is taking place for the reception of professional kits, which will be distributed by INEFOP, in the coming days, with a view to promoting the entrepreneurship and the creation of small service companies.

The person responsible for registration, Jaime Mangrinha, added that the young people registered, before receiving the work tools, will benefit from short-term training in small business management, as well as in the technical area, which will allow them to manage the means.

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