Apostolic Nuncio calls for unity

Apostolic Nuncio calls for unity
Apostolic Nuncio calls for unity

Africa-Press – Angola. The Apostolic Nuncio in Angola and São Tomé, Archbishop Geovanni Gaspari, Sunday, appealed for the spirit of communion among the faithful, so that the evils of the present times can be faced with courage, trust and respect for differences.

The prelate made this appeal during the pallium imposition ceremony on the Metropolitan Archbishop of Malanje, Monsignor Luzizila Kiala, having on the occasion guided the faithful to make the church a home and school of communion.

With that, he said, it is not intended to make all people equal, but to encourage them to share a common path based on diversity.

Dom Geovanni Gaspari said, on the other hand, that the imposition of the pallium on the Archbishop of Malanje symbolizes humility, dignity and service to the church, for which he guided the continuous transmission of the gospel and the gift of the divine spirit to the people of God in Malanje.

In turn, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Malanje, Monsignor Luzizila Kiala, pledged to dedicate his life to the mission of saving souls and uniting the church in Malanje and in the suffragan dioceses of Cuanza Norte and Uíge, with a view to promoting greater pastoral coordination.

After 12 months since his appointment by Pope Francis, Bishop Luzizila Kiala received the pallium, a symbol of service and communion with the Catholic Church.

In the first centuries, the pallium (cloak or blanket covering the shoulders) was exclusive to the Popes, later also being used by Metropolitan Archbishops from the 6th century onwards, representing their union with the Bishop of Rome.

Witnessing the act of imposition of the pallium on the Archbishop of Malanje, bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomé (CEAST), governors of Malanje and Uíge, respectively Marcos Nhunga and José Carvalho da Rocha, faithful from various parishes in the country, deputies to the National Assembly and distinguished guests.

Dom Luzizila Kiala was appointed Archbishop of Malanje on September 29, 2021 and took office on November 14 of the same year, replacing Dom Benedito Roberto, who died in November 2020, due to illness.

Before Diocese, the Archdiocese of Malanje has existed for 64 years and has already been led by Dom Manuel Nunes Gabriel, from 1957 to 1962, Dom Pompeu de Sá Siabra (1962-1973), Dom Eduardo André Muaca (1973-1975), Dom Alexandre Cardinal do Nascimento (1975-1977), Dom Eugénio Salesso (1977-1998), Dom Luís Maria Pérez de Onraita (1998-2012) and Dom Benedito Roberto (2012-2020).

The Archdiocese of Malanje covers the municipality of Xá-Muteba, province of Lunda Norte.

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