Artists with special needs exhibit creations

Artists with special needs exhibit creations
Artists with special needs exhibit creations

Africa-Press – Angola. Eliart, Vopsi Moma, Yákala and Polas will present the exhibition “Arte e Superação” tomorrow, starting at 6 pm, at the Tamar Golan gallery, of the Fundação Arte e Cultura, in Luanda. Two hours later, Isis Hembe, Tê Pascoal and Walietcha Neto perform in a spoken word and music concert at the Wyza auditorium, in the same cultural space.

In “Arte e Superação”, Eliana Patrícia Mateus “Eliart”, Alberto Jorge Moma “Vopsi Moma”, Paulo António “Polas” and Lino Campos “Yákala” question and show how art has helped to overcome the abuses and prejudices they face due to to their shortcomings.

“Arte e Superação” is an artistic project that brings together artists with physical disabilities and who have somehow faced prejudice and discrimination. In this first edition, plastic artists present their works inspired by the most varied subjects. The objective is to encourage inclusion and to make known the power that art has over people’s minds, showing self-esteem despite their physical conditions.

In the introductory text, Amândio Cachihumbua emphasizes that faced with the harsh reality of post-modernity or contemporaneity, where the evolutionary consciousness prevails that “the strong are those who live and the weak disappear”.

He adds that ‘”Overcoming” is the watchword for dealing with the present reality. According to the dictionary Overcoming is the action or act of overcoming, overcoming an obstacle or challenge, overcoming, overcoming and being superior”.

The introductory text states that “all of us, regardless of who we are or have, ‘Overcoming’ must be part, not only of our everyday vocabulary, but, above all, part of our attitude in this existence if we want to ‘overcome’ a certain challenging situation that we are going through”.

The overcoming art, he says, is an exhibition project of visual arts by emerging artists with physical disabilities, conceived with the aim of sharing or demonstrating how they have mitigated the challenges they are exposed to in society through art (visual arts).

Amândio Cachihumbua invites art lovers to train in the imagination of these artists through the exhibition in order to put themselves for a minute, to experience “what they experience as disabled people, hence we are new people who look at the ‘other’ without discrimination, regardless of their condition”.

Galeria Tamar Golan, from Fundação Arte e Cultura, is an innovative and alternative, non-profit cultural project that aims to promote Angolan visual arts and support young emerging talents in the visual arts. All the Gallery’s revenues are channeled to the Foundation’s social projects. The Tamar Golan Gallery is located in the Cultural Center of the Foundation, on the island of Luanda, next to Escola Primária 1205.

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