Campaign collects 50 tons of miscellaneous goods to help Cuba

Campaign collects 50 tons of miscellaneous goods to help Cuba
Campaign collects 50 tons of miscellaneous goods to help Cuba

Africa-Press – Angola. More than 50 tons of various goods have already been collected, by the Association of Former Angolan Students in Cuba (Caimaneros), in the solidarity campaign for the Caribbean country, devastated by hurricane “Ian”, last month.

The information was released yesterday, in Luanda, by the national coordinator of the Campaign to Collect Donations from Brothers to Brothers, Mimoso Monteiro, in the act of donating food and non-perishable goods, made by Edições Novembro, the company that owns Jornal de Angola.

Mimoso Monteiro considered that the participation of volunteers in the delivery of donations throughout the country has been satisfactory. Only yesterday, for example, the reception points had a great turnout, with emphasis on Edições Novembro.

The coordinator revealed that the products to be collected, until the 28th of this month, are being stored, in a single space, while the conditions are created for sending them to Cuba.

He stressed that the idea of ​​the solidarity campaign with the Cuban people arose out of concern for love for others, a characteristic that he considers natural for Angolans.

In Cuba, it is estimated that, at this time, there are about three thousand Angolans, in the condition of students, and the children of the Caimaneros who took up residence there.

Mimoso Monteiro guaranteed that Angolans in that country have been receiving support from the Government of Cuba. “The situation is under control, as we do not have Angolans in a situation of vulnerability”, said the coordinator of the solidarity campaign with the Cuban people.

He considered it a way of repaying the solidarity of the Cuban people with Angola. “We have already experienced two similar cyclone situations and we have always received support from the Government of Cuba,” she said.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Edições Novembro, Drumond Jaime, considered it essential for Angola to respond to this solidarity campaign, given the role that Cuba played in the process of National Independence.

As a result, Drumond Jaime considered the initiative, created by Angolans who lived and studied in Cuba, as a noble gesture, hence Edições Novembro embrace the cause.

“We couldn’t help but join the cause of solidarity with Cuba, because we have very old and well-known ties of friendship and consanguinity, taking into account that a good part of the population of Cuba is originally from Angola, through the slaves who were taken by boat” , said.

Drumond Jaime highlighted that the cultural ties between Angola and Cuba are strong, stressing that, before the National Liberation, the country had been helped by Cuban specialists, who had an important intervention in the fight against apartheid and in other guerrillas.

November Editions Donation

Edições Novembro donated non-perishable food items, especially rice, cornmeal, pasta, vegetable oil, canned goods, toilet paper, gloves, syringes and bale balloons.

The assets of Edições Novembro were delivered to the Association of Caimaneros, at the facilities of the Journalists Training Center (Cefojor). In addition to this location, donations can also be deposited at the production centers and provincial delegations of TPA, RNA and Angop, until the 28th of October.

Thousands of victims of “Ian”

In Cuba, Hurricane Ian, according to the United Nations (UN), affected about 3.2 million people in Pinar del Río, Artemisa, Havana and Isla de la Juventud.

The UN estimates that one million people continue to need help, including more than 630,000 children.

The hurricane made landfall on the island of Cuba on September 27, with heavy rains and winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Hurricane Ian, a Category 4, was considered quite deadly and destructive in the Atlantic, which caused damage in western Cuba and the southeastern United States, specifically Florida and South Carolina.

The US provided €2 million to the victims of Cuba and continues to monitor and assess humanitarian needs, in coordination with trusted partners and the international community.

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