CNE appreciates PHA complaint about voters list

CNE appreciates PHA complaint about voters list
CNE appreciates PHA complaint about voters list

Africa-Press – Angola. The plenary of the National Electoral Commission (CNE) meets today, in an extraordinary session, to consider a complaint by the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) regarding the lack of publication of the list of voters by polling stations.

According to a note, the PHA intends to obtain clarification on what it considers to be “concerns regarding compliance, by the CNE, with the principles of legality and transparency in the execution of the Organic Law on General Elections” , namely on the publication of voters’ lists.

“The law requires the CNE to publish the list of voters per polling station 30 days before the elections. document signed by the party’s electoral representative, Nsimba Luwawa.

The political formation led by journalist and jurist Bela Malaquias also recalls that the law assigns to the CNE – “and only to it” – the responsibility for producing correct electoral rolls, without including deceased people and others who did not have proof of life.

“Having the CNE not published the lists of voters per polling station within the legally established deadline and having found that thousands of citizens complain about the illegal registration of deceased citizens in the electoral roll to vote at legitimate polling stations on the 24th, the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA), urged the CNE to comply with the law, correcting the situation and providing public clarification on the matter.

Party Talks About Excess Of Ballot Papers

The Humanist Party of Angola says it has examined the order for sensitive electoral material made by the CNE and found that “there will be too many ballot papers”.

The PHA says that it has also found that, in the model of the electoral minutes ordered, there is no space for recording the control of ballots received and unused ballots.

“The absence of this control, made in writing and in each minute, in the act of tabulation at the polling station, mortally wounds the principle of legality, fairness and electoral truth”, he considers.

“In fact, the three elements together – ghost voters, excess ballot papers and the absence of recording these excesses in the minutes – threaten the integrity of the electoral process. Consequently, the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) recommended to the CNE the elimination of this threat. along with a public clarification on the matter,” the PHA said.

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