Entrepreneurs satisfied with their investments

Entrepreneurs satisfied with their investments
Entrepreneurs satisfied with their investments

Africa-Press – Angola. Lunda-Norte’s business class reacted with satisfaction to the promise made by the MPLA leader and candidate for President of the Republic about the conclusion of the Luachimo Hydroelectric Project in December of this year.

Osvaldo Muambumba, businessman from the municipality of Chitato, considered that the start-up of the Luachimo dam will significantly contribute to reducing the operating costs of companies.

The use of thermal energy has caused many difficulties for companies, due to the constant shortage of fuel, he said.

Osvaldo Muambumba underlined that the population of Lunda-Norte had been waiting for the completion of the energy infrastructure for a long time, taking into account the importance of improving the supply of electricity.

The investment in the energy sector, he said, demonstrates the MPLA’s concern to ensure essential conditions for all Angolans, including strengthening the economy, since the Luachimo dam will also serve the diamond industry.

He highlighted that João Lourenço’s message for education, health, drinking water, road infrastructure, reveals the party’s vision for the reduction of regional asymmetries in the country.

Muzanguissa Fernando, a businessman from the municipality of Lucapa, acknowledged that the expansion of production capacity at the Luachimo dam from 8 to 34 megawatts will help the business sector to improve its performance.

He mentioned that companies operating in Lunda-Norte spend large sums of money on fuel for the operation of the generator sets, but with the start of operation of the dam, the situation could register substantial improvements.

Social Sector

The emergence of new social infrastructures, especially higher education and health in Lunda-Norte, are among the priorities of the MPLA’s governance programme, in case of winning the elections, a fact that left the local leaders satisfied.

MPLA deputy Jorge Ribeiro Uefo acknowledged that João Lourenço’s message responds to the wishes of the population of Lunda-Norte. He highlighted that the construction of the future campus of Lueji A’nkonde University, whose financing results from the social responsibility of the diamond sector, shows the party’s concern to improve the conditions of higher education.

The also member of the MPLA Central Committee said that the energy, education, health, drinking water supply and road network sectors are among the main concerns of the population of Lunda-Norte.

The director-general of Fundação Brilhante (Endiama’s social arm), Bruno dos Santos, said that the institution will continue to develop actions not only for the communities residing along the exploration areas, but for the whole country.

He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the MPLA leader recognized the role of Fundação Brilhante in strengthening basic social conditions for the populations.

At that moment, he said, projects are underway related to strengthening the economic activity of rural women, youth entrepreneurship and professional training in the provinces of Lunda-Norte, Lunda-Sul and Moxico.


The first provincial secretary of the MPLA in Lunda-Norte, Ernesto Muangala, highlighted that the party is in a position to win the General Elections on 24 August, taking into account the previous mandate it managed to respond to a large part of the aspirations of the population.

When intervening in the mass political act held yesterday, in Dundo, Ernesto Muangala assured that only within the scope of the Integrated Plan for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM), Lunda-Norte has made significant progress with the construction of new schools, health units and police stations.

The politician affirmed that the MPLA militants recognize the work developed by their leader, which allowed the reinforcement of the expansion of the infrastructure network with positive reflexes in the life of the different districts of the province.

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