Executive will present Annual Debt Plan

Executive will present Annual Debt Plan
Executive will present Annual Debt Plan

Africa-Press – Angola. The Executive intends to publicly present the Annual Debt Plan, after the approval and publication, in the Official Gazette, of the General State Budget (OGE) for the 2024 economic year, the minister of Finance.

Vera Daves, who spoke during the assessment and discussion, in particular, of the State General Budget Law Proposal for next year, clarified that the Government’s willingness to share the aforementioned document will depend on the approval of the OGE-2024.

In reaction to the question raised by deputy Mihaela Webba, from the UNITA parliamentary group, the minister considered the Bill under discussion a “sine qua non” condition for the preparation of the Annual Debt Plan. “Without the approved OGE, we do not have conditions to do so,” he declared.

Vera Daves admitted, however, that the question is in line with what is defined in the Fiscal Sustainability Law, which provides for the publication of a set of diplomas.

Regarding the OGE’s substantiation report and the proposed amendments presented by the deputies, he said they were contained in the same document (substantiation report).

The minister said it was necessary to maintain the provision in relation to the mechanisms for the effective collection of taxes, as there are operational aspects that, subsequently, need to be defined, so that they can be effectively collected.

Yesterday’s session was attended by the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, José de Lima Massano, and the deputies of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs (1st) and Economy and Finance (5th) Committees of the National Assembly.

Recommendations accepted

Regarding the OGE Proposal that will be subject to final global approval on December 12th, and with expenses estimated at 24 billion kwanzas, seven chapters of the law that should approve that document were discussed yesterday.

Deputies presented amendments, suggestions and recommendations that should be included in the final report of the proposal.

The Minister of Finance stated that most of the suggestions and recommendations presented by the deputies were accepted and others will merit certain additional consultations.

Deputy João Mpilamossi Domingos, from the 5th Commission, considered the General State Budget balanced and without any type of “exaggeration”.

The MPLA deputy considered that the OGE for 2024 was prepared with a little more rigor, compared to previous ones. “We have to take into account the global macroeconomic and financial context. Therefore, we believe that we made our OGE based, fundamentally, on oil revenues, despite the fact that we also have tax revenues with positive expectations”, he highlighted.

Mpilamossi Domingos revealed that article 10 of the Bill, which addresses the capture of financial allocation, remained pending during the discussion. The Executive, he said, proposes a captivation of around 80%, while the deputies consider it an exaggerated percentage. “The Government will carry out a consultation to find consensus”, he said.

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