Fontes Pereira defends more dialogue in Cabinda

Fontes Pereira defends more dialogue in Cabinda
Fontes Pereira defends more dialogue in Cabinda

Africa-Press – Angola. The leader of the MPLA parliamentary bench, Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, urged, this Saturday (22), the first provincial secretariat in Cabinda, Mara Quiosa, to bet on dialogue with all militants, population, including opponents, to ensure reinforcement of unity and cohesion and the confidence of Cabindans in the party.

Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, who was speaking during the closing act of the eighth extraordinary conference of the MPLA Provincial Committee, in which the first provincial secretary was elected, explained that dialogue is the viable solution to reverse the electoral results obtained by the MPLA, in constituency of Cabinda.

The coordinator of the monitoring group of the MPLA Political Bureau secretariat for the province of Cabinda made it known that the great task is “the conclusion of all the structuring projects underway in the region”.

He announced that the challenge, in the current context, is to find, through the Constitution of the Republic, a political/administrative solution for the province of Cabinda. “The most important thing is to find the desirable and fundamental formula in which the greatest possible consensus can be obtained in relation to the model we want, so that Cabinda can develop and have an institutional structure, within the framework of the current Constitution of the Republic, to the satisfaction of the interests of Angola and the people of that region, in particular”.

In turn, the first provincial secretary Mara Quiosa reaffirmed the need for activists to remain united and find the best solutions for Cabinda’s problems, expressing her willingness to work with everyone. “We want to have a proximity action, where the opinion of our militants from the base to the top and the population, in general, will serve as a guiding compass for us to make the best decisions”, he stressed, for whom if the MPLA remains cohesive, it will be able to overcome all barriers that the country’s macroeconomic situation imposes today.

For Mara Quiosa, the traditional blessing that had been offered by the Bakama in the town of Tchizo, days after arriving in Cabinda, makes her, as a daughter of this region, more than enough reason, reinforced, to commit herself, more and more, to the search for solutions to mitigate the problems that still afflict the population in the field of education, health, communication routes, basic sanitation, energy and water, housing, support to the local business community, promotion of national production and, above all, in the promotion of employability of young people.

The governor promised to pay special attention to the party’s grassroots organizations, not only in creating working conditions, but also in monitoring and continuing political-ideological training, with a view to strengthening knowledge of the party’s methodological guidelines. .

The outgoing first provincial secretary, Marcos Nhunga, thanked the militants for their contribution during the time he was at the head of the party. The politician asked the new management not to let the project he conceived of, called “MPLA hand in hand”, which aims to gauge the militant base, experience up close the difficulties of each neighborhood, village or town go bankrupt.

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