Government highlights policies for youth inclusion

Government highlights policies for youth inclusion
Government highlights policies for youth inclusion

Africa-Press – Angola. The Angolan Executive’s policies to improve the inclusion of young people in various sectors of society were highlighted this Sunday, in Saurimo, Lunda-Sul province, by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Rui Falcão.

The government official was speaking at the central event commemorating National Youth Day, which is celebrated, stressing that the Government will continue to design and implement policies aimed at promoting the well-being of the population, particularly youth.

He said that this involves ensuring more health, education, training, housing and employment, to promote an environment favorable to entrepreneurship and self-employment.

He also called for the participation of young people in actions that promote their socio-economic affirmation, and stated that the supervisory ministry, as the institution responsible for State policy for youth, has several multidisciplinary initiatives in its portfolio, to address their concerns.

Rui Falcão highlighted that the “Abril Jovem” day is a privileged moment, not only to celebrate the date with dignity, but above all to exalt the achievements of young Angolans as the country’s main asset and driver of positive social transformations, which we must continue to promote in communities.

He said that, in addition to looking at the challenges and aspirations of youth, the State seeks to instill in young people the highest values ​​of society, such as patriotism, humanism, solidarity, respect for sovereign bodies and the appreciation of national symbols, for the preservation of peace and National unity and, above all, the promotion of social justice.

He stated that the main objective is to build an environment of integration in which the skills and abilities of young people are demonstrated through concrete actions that reinforce the national pride of self-determination and defense of the country.

Rui Falcão said he is aware of the challenges that the country is going through and, consequently, of the barriers that young Angolans still have to overcome for their effective insertion into active life, in the most diverse areas of life in society.

“We know the socio-economic situation of the country, however, youth have always been and should continue to be an example of resilience, keeping the flame of hope and confidence in a better and promising future alive,” he added.

He appealed to young Angolans to continue to walk together with the Government, families, churches, youth organizations and associations, political parties, so that they remain united in the permanent search for sustainable solutions for the effective insertion of all youth into active life.

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