Governor reiterates fight against rural exodus

Governor reiterates fight against rural exodus
Governor reiterates fight against rural exodus

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of Lunda Norte, Deolinda Satula, said that in her term (2022-2027) she will focus on the continuous expansion of secondary education, improvement of Health, Energy and Water services, in the interior of the province, to avoid the rural exodus and mitigate the asymmetries.

The official made this promise at the end of the field visits made to the municipalities of Xá-muteba, Capenda Camulemba and Cuango, over the weekend, with the aim of listening to civil society, within the scope of participatory and inclusive governance.

In Education and Health, Deolinda Satula said that the priority will be, in addition to the construction of new schools and health units, the completion of works stalled since 2014 and the expansion of technical institutes.

In the last ten years, 210 schools, a total of 1,710 classrooms, 13 hospitals, 18 health centers, 67 posts and a diagnostic center were built in the province of Lunda-Norte .

Regarding Electric Energy, he said that the challenge will be the conclusion of the energy projects underway in the districts of Chitato and Lucapa.

This is the Luachimo hydroelectric dam, whose completion of the first phase is scheduled for the end of November or beginning of December of the current year, allowing the start-up of two of the four turbines.

Deolinda Satula said that the project is valued at over US$212 million, designed for 34 megawatts, more than the current local need, which will allow around 50 percent of the energy produced to be reserved. She believes the product supply problem will be resolved.

The other challenge, still in this sector, he continued, will be the completion of a thermal power plant in the city of Dundo, with a production capacity of 20 megawatts (MW) of energy, as well as a photovoltaic park in the municipality of Lucapa, of 7 MW, which will benefit 1,700 inhabitants.

The official said that she will work with the ministry responsible for, during this term, the installation of 15 independent projects of photovoltaic parks, which will produce 111 megawatts of energy, in different locations in the province, for the benefit of 320,000 inhabitants.

He reiterated that he will also work with related bodies to complete the earthworks of the Cuango/Cafunfu/Loremo section up to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), over a 200-kilometre extension.

He stressed that secondary and tertiary roads, especially those connecting municipal and communal centers to agricultural production fields, will be intervened with the road maintenance and rehabilitation kit.

Deolinda Satula said that these and other projects of local and central initiative will contribute significantly to the fight against rural exodus and asymmetries, retaining staff in their areas of origin.

Since her appointment, on 16 September, by Presidential Decree, the new governor of Lunda-Norte has already consulted the population of the municipalities of Chitato, Cuango, Capenda Camulemba and Xá-Muteba.

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