IGAE inaugurates customer service center in Cuanza Sul

IGAE inaugurates customer service center in Cuanza Sul
IGAE inaugurates customer service center in Cuanza Sul

Africa-Press – Angola. The Delegation of the General Inspection of State Administration (IGAE) in Cuanza-Sul inaugurated, in the city of Sumbe, a free service center with multi-dimensional lines, as an instrument of denouncement for the citizen, as well as to evaluate and supervise the action of the local State Administration bodies and their agents.

Natividade Bongo António, said that the Call Center in the province is a tool for social control, through which citizens, in all areas of life, can present complaints anonymously, using the public telephone.

He made it known that the IGAE expects the Call Center functionality to make complaints and claims free of charge, and that users will become a regular mechanism for denouncing misconduct by public managers and agents.

“The free telephone line aims to make it easier for citizens with financial incapacity to access the communication platform for complaints, being the way found to respond to a greater number of complaints, striving for quality in the treatment of them”, he said.

He thanked the gesture of the provincial governor of Cuanza-Sul, Job Capapinha, for his institutional commitment, to the body of inspectors who work tirelessly in compliance with the guidelines.


The IGAE delegate considered the inauguration of the Call Center the answer given to the culture of silence, which is registered in the province. “We are concerned about the culture of silence on the part of the citizens of the province. That is why we have made the Call Center available by simply using the free number 119, people can participate”, she reinforced.

For the present and the future, Luísa Natividade Bongo António announced the carrying out of extraordinary actions, which consist of the mobilization of men and means, capable of providing action to detect cases in flagrante delicto to civil servants and administrative agents, who act outside the Law .

“Our immediate focus is the creation of material and human conditions that allow us to act consistently so that, in good time, we can detect acts that harm the interests of the State”, he stressed.

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