IGAE records progress in action since 2018

IGAE records progress in action since 2018
IGAE records progress in action since 2018

Africa-Press – Angola. The Inspectorate-General of State Administration (IGAE) recorded in the database, from 1992 to the end of 2017, a single inspection process referring to the former directorate of the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME), it was revealed, Wednesday(22). ), in Luanda.

According to the inspector-general Sebastião Gunza, who was speaking at the 7th edition of Café CIPRA on “the fight against corruption and the recovery of assets”, he said that, before the current Government came into operation, the IGAE had only, under the inspection mission to public management, the case of the former SME management, which took place in April 2018.

He recalled that the authors of this case were tried and convicted for crimes of embezzlement, forgery of documents and fraud for fraud. The IGAE inspector general said that this framework was changed in 2018, when the current government came into operation.

He pointed out that, since then, more than 80 civil servants have been booked in flagrante delicto and consequently detained, many of whom have been tried and convicted of various crimes.

Sebastião Gunza informed that, in addition to the arrests, there was also an exponential increase in the culture of denunciation, complaints, complaints and confidence in the business environment in foreign investors.

The inspection activity of the IGAE in the management of public affairs, he stressed, significantly increased Angola’s position in the Transparency International ranking, as well as allowed the recovery of various State assets.

During this legislature, he continued, the Angolan State recovered 14 buildings in Luanda, six houses, shops, offices, land and more than 500 vehicles in abusive possession of former holders of public offices, among other assets.

The fight against corruption and the recovery of assets constitute one of the main promises of the Executive, led by President João Lourenço, who started a broad debate on a topic, hitherto taboo, and mobilized society in general.

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