Issey Miyake’s fashion in pictures

Issey Miyake's fashion in pictures
Issey Miyake's fashion in pictures

Africa-Press – Angola. Issey Miyake has died aged 84, leaving behind a legacy of revolutionary fashion design.

Born in Hiroshima in Japan in 1938, Miyake was just seven years old when the city was devastated by an atomic bomb dropped by the United States. His mother died of radiation exposure three years later.

Miyake was known to work with traditional and modern fashion techniques and pioneered the use of different materials in his creations.

He built a global fashion brand, which included designing Steve Jobs’ famous black turtleneck jumpers.

Here’s a look back at some images showcasing his designs during his long career.

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Fall-Winter 2016-17 fashion show in Paris (above and below)

Models display a Pleats, Please dress as part of Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Autumn-Winter 1995 fashion show in Paris. Miyake developed a new way of pleating fabric by wrapping it between layers of paper in a heat press. Various tests proved the pleats stayed in place and didn’t wrinkle, and it led to his signature line called Pleats, Please

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 1985 fashion show in Paris shows an early pleated design

Issey Miyake fashion shows in Paris in 1994 (left) and 1986 (right)

Issey Miyake fashion shows in Paris in 1984 (left) and 1987 (right)

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 1994 fashion show in Paris, France

A guest with a yellow neon Bao Boa Issey Miyake handbag during Paris Fashion Week in 2020. The distinctive line of bags, recognisable for their small resin triangles, was celebrated for its engineering and was so popular that knock-offs flooded the fake designer market

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear, Fall-Winter 1995-96 fashion show in Paris

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 1994 fashion show in Paris

Issey Miyake’s Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2020 fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week in 2019

Former Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs, delivers the keynote address during the 2006 Macworld event in San Francisco, California, whilst wearing his signature black turtleneck jumper. Miyake was asked by Mr Jobs to design the iconic jumpers and reportedly made 100 of them, at $175 each

Miyake was a household name in Japan and known around the world for his designs and perfume

The designer – seen here at his Fall-Winter 1980-81 collection show in Paris – died in Tokyo on Friday, aged 84

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