Lwini Foundation offers means for people with disabilities

Lwini Foundation offers means for people with disabilities
Lwini Foundation offers means for people with disabilities

Africa-Press – Angola. The Lwini Foundation distributed, on Wednesday (30), in Luanda, technical means of locomotion for people with disabilities, registered in its database, as part of the social project “Hope, mobility and freedom”.

The means offered, in the context of the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the foundation, include a total of 40 wheelchairs for children and adults, tricycles, crutches and walkers.

The executive director of the Lwini Foundation, Alfredo Ferreira, explained that, in addition to Luanda, provinces such as Lunda-Sul, Cabinda, Cuanza-Norte, Cunene, Huambo, Bengo and Huíla also carried out a series of activities, with emphasis on hospitals, in especially those who have hemodialysis service.

“We want to continue the program, in order to take it to the other provinces of the country”, he announced, adding that the idea is to help with the inclusion and autonomy of people with disabilities and provide more information on the subject.

Around this activity, 200 wheelchairs have already been distributed throughout the country, a work he considered positive. “People who received these goods and no longer use them should return them, because we are running a project to recycle old chairs”.

Alfredo Ferreira also added that all people in need can go to the institution, register to receive, free of charge, a chair. “However, you have to take into account that they will have to wait until they are called”.

In recent years, the Lwini Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women’s Promotion, has distributed technical means of locomotion throughout the country.

Over its 24 years of existence, the Foundation has offered a total of 25,000 units, most of which are wheelchairs for adults and children, with a value of 2,200,000 dollars.

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