Manuel Homem receives first secretary of UNITA

Manuel Homem receives first secretary of UNITA
Manuel Homem receives first secretary of UNITA

Africa-Press – Angola. The governor of Luanda province, Manuel Homem, received this Monday, in audience, the deputy and first secretary of UNITA in the country’s capital, Nelito Ekuikui, with whom he discussed issues related to the housing problem of several families, particularly those residing in Zango, displaced from the city centre.

Speaking to the press at the GPL’s Main Hall, Nelito Ekuikui said that the meeting focused mainly on the problems and resolution of families who have lived for 11 years in Zango, in slate houses, without dignity, and in the area adjacent to the Central District of Luanda, which face serious difficulties in rainy weather.

“The governor was very open, available to solve Luanda’s problems. As I said, in Luanda there are several interests and naturally there are things that do not depend directly on the governor, but even so, where there is will, I think that will solve. Therefore, we leave some suggestions in the sense of having a successful mandate and impacting lives. The elections have passed and we are here to help those who are effectively governing the country, “he said.

According to Nelito Ekuikui, one of the questions also raised at the meeting had to do with the constant strikes in Luanda, an issue that, if it happens, must be resolved on the basis of dialogue, instead of putting the police force to repress.

“The governor is young and can dialogue. Luanda is the center of power and whoever governs the city must have the ability to dialogue with all segments. I think the governor started well, because he called us as the largest political party in the opposition and must there is always this openness to clarify misunderstandings and find common paths”, he declared.

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Among other issues presented at the meeting with Governor Manuel Homem was the resolution of the problem of draining rainwater in Luanda, as the season approaches and with it the consequences.

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