Mia Couto launches “Compendium to Unearth Clouds”

Mia Couto launches “Compendium to Unearth Clouds”
Mia Couto launches “Compendium to Unearth Clouds”

Africa-Press – Angola. “Compêndio para Desenterrar Clouds” is the new book of short stories by writer Mia Couto published this Tuesday at the Mozambique-China Cultural Center in Maputo, under the auspices of the Fernando Leite Couto Foundation.

According to the Mozambican press, the book is a collection of short stories initially published in Visão, revised by the author.

Mia Couto brings unlikely characters and scenarios, with the poeticity that is characteristic of her, with a narration that gives the reader time to take their own flight to a world in which all things have a life of their own.

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