Military career requires exclusive dedication to the country

Military career requires exclusive dedication to the country
Military career requires exclusive dedication to the country

Africa-Press – Angola. The second commander of the Central Military Region, Brigadier Sapalo Baptista Tchimuenguele, stated, this Friday, in Huambo, that a military career requires, above all, exclusive dedication to the country, discipline and presentation.

The military official was speaking at the end of the 21st Basic Military Instruction course, marked by the oath to the Flag of 657 new soldiers, 637 men and 20 women, held at the Army Troops Instruction Center “Heróis de Kangamba”, in the municipality of Chicala-Cholohanga, Huambo province.

On the occasion, Brigadier Sapalo Baptista Tchimuenguele, who spoke on behalf of the Army commander, recalled that the military is responsible for national defense, protecting the country against external and internal threats, hence the fact that his life is based on pillars of discipline and hierarchy, in addition to exclusive dedication.

He explained that the mission of a soldier of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) is to contribute to guaranteeing national sovereignty, constitutional powers, law and order, safeguarding national interests and cooperating with development and social well-being

Therefore, he considered it necessary to prepare the land force, to remain in a permanent state of readiness, as the war professional constitutes the guarantor of the battlefield, plans and conducts operations and carries out the missions and tasks that will decide the fight.

In this aspect, he highlighted that basic military instruction offered graduates targeted training, with the main objective of bringing values ​​such as honor, military discipline and hierarchy.

The commander said that the efficiency, effectiveness and even survival of the FAA result from a fervent cult of these values, as they are pillars of military discipline such as stability, legality and legitimacy, above all, honor, the feeling of duty, devotion, solidarity, courage, camaraderie, obedience and punctuality.

He added temperance, freedom, magnanimity, meekness, frankness and justice as other great ethical values ​​of the military.

The general officer stressed that these military virtues must be cultivated in personnel at all costs, as, nowadays, military training is highly sophisticated, focusing not only on technical skills, but also on the psychological and social skills of soldiers.

Brigadier Sapalo Baptista Tchimuenguele said that military training also includes preparation for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, as well as preparation for internal security operations.

Therefore, he said it is important to fulfill the military mission, as it generates new skills that can produce new sources of professional pride, especially peacekeeping operations and intervention in disasters.

The event was attended by the vice-governor of the province of Huambo for Technical services and Infrastructure, Helmano Francisco, as well as members of the Administration of the municipality of Chicala-Cholohanga, traditional authorities and family members.

The “Heróis de Kangamba” Army Troop Training Center, located 24 kilometers east of the Central Military Region Command Post, in the Santo António neighborhood, on the outskirts of the city of Huambo, started the first General Military Preparation Courses in January 1999, in the municipality of Cahama, province of Cunene.

In 2007, it was transferred to the Central Military Region (Benguela, Bíe, Cuanza-Sul and Huambo) specifically in the province of Huambo, as a result of the vision and strategy of the FAA Superior Command, with the inauguration held on December 14, 2011.

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