Ministry wants more dissemination of national content on television

Ministry wants more dissemination of national content on television
Ministry wants more dissemination of national content on television

Africa-Press – Angola. The Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTICS) will strengthen the relationship with companies and individuals operating in the field of production of channels and content in Angola, in order to find the best ways to allow greater absorption of national materials broadcast. on television platforms and stations.

This commitment was made yesterday in Luanda by the Secretary of State for Social Communication, Nuno Caldas Albino, during the opening act of the Seminar for Content Production, Selection Criteria for the Insertion of Materials Broadcasted in Distribution Channels and Platforms of Contents.

Nuno Caldas Albino said that MINTTICS has been increasingly engaged in the development of national content production, and its availability on the grid of news distribution platforms and television stations.

The Secretary of State stressed that, for content producers that are not yet in the market and wish to do so, MINTTICS will provide all the support necessary for their legal insertion.

However, for this, he stressed the importance of producers and producers analyzing the legal provisions on the procedures for legalizing the activity of companies in the Media sector, in order to provide more knowledge in order to work in accordance with the law.

Nuno Caldas Albino advanced that, currently, there is a distance between the agents of the production process and the distribution of audiovisual content, because the former complain about the lack of interest of the latter group in acquiring their production.

On the other hand, the audiovisual dissemination and distribution agents, continued the official, consider the content of the producing agents as being outside their quality standards to be disseminated.

Biggest Unit

For the Secretary of State, this divergence of approach does not favor the development of national content production, nor does it provide the availability of these producers to the public, leaving consumers at the mercy of foreign content.

Therefore, the seminar was organized to bring together content channel distribution platforms and television stations with content producers, with a view to debating the bottlenecks in this market and identifying converging points that lead to the promotion and development of this sector.

Nuno Caldas Albino took the opportunity to encourage those present to create a fund that facilitates co-productions, joining distribution platforms and TV station channels with content producers and producers, so that they have the quality required to be made available. to the public.

Ensuring Approximation Of Agents

The national director of Information and Communication at MINTTICS, João Demba, considered that the purpose of the seminar was to bring together companies operating in the sector of production of channels and content in Angola and entities that operate in the field of content production.

The Seminar for Content Production, Selection Criteria for Inserting Materials Broadcasted in Channels and Content Distribution Platform, organized at the Journalists Training Center (Cefojor), was attended by directors from ZAP, DSTV, TV Cabo, producers content individuals and Social Communication students, among others.

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