Motorsport: Roxo wins “Huambo Cidade Vida” trophy

Motorsport: Roxo wins “Huambo Cidade Vida” trophy
Motorsport: Roxo wins “Huambo Cidade Vida” trophy

Africa-Press – Angola. Driver José Roxo, from ZR3 Racing, from the province of Namibe, won Sunday, the motorsport race, called “Troféu Huambo Cidade Cida”, in category A of cars with 2000 cubic centimeters, by scoring 47 points.

The race, from the 6th round of the National Speed ​​Championship in motorsport and motorcycling, which began on April 2nd of this year, in the province of Namibe, was also contested in classes B of vehicles up to 1600 cubic centimeters (CC), D of diesel cars and in GP and Sport C2, as well as in motorcycling in EVO 600 CC and AGP 600 CC.

The event, contested on a closed circuit of 3,300 kilometers, in two heats for each category, aims to celebrate the 111 years since the founding of the city of Huambo, marked on the 21st of this month with the motto “Huambo, building the future”.

José Roxo, second in the national rankings, with 145 points, beat the competition’s leader, Alberto Spínola, from Angotruck Tacing Team, with 170, as well as fifth, Luís Gonçalves, from Team So Scapes, with 26, both from the province of Luanda , who completed the podium, with 46 and 32 points, respectively

With this triumph, the winner of the trophy remains in second place, with 192 points, 24 less than the first, Alberto Spinola, who has 216. Luís Gonçalves has 58 and rises to third place in the championship.

In addition to the trophy for winning the race, José Roxo also won the trophy for best team and position.

In class B for vehicles up to 1600 cubic centimeters, Nicolau Albano, from Albano Racing, won with 51 points, in a race that included the participation of four drivers, all from the province of Huíla.

Nicolau Albano, second placed in the national championship, also defeated, in the competition, the first placed, Carlos Fernandes, from Team Fernandes Racing, who took second place, in the Huambo Cidade Vida trophy, and third place Nelo Huambo, from Albano Racing, who he ended up in the last position on the podium.

Nicolau Albano also won the trophy for best team, while the trophy for best position was awarded to Nelo HuHuambo.

In class D for diesel cars, Carlos Maio, from LM Racing, from the province of Namibe, fifth in Nacional, was the big winner of the race, obtaining 53 points.

While the national leader, Edwin Santos, from Org. Ai Santos Racing, also from Namibe, came in second place, with 33 points, relegating his teammate and second in the national team, Jason Santos, to third test post, also, with 33.

Carlos Mário also took home the trophy for best team and position.

For GP and Sport C2, Mário Ferreira, first in the national team, and José Costa, third, both from JN Trans Racing, from the province of Benguela, occupied first and second place, with 53 and 33 points, respectively, while the fellow Benguela Ilídio Cardoso, second, from Team Grupo Cosal, with 23, closed the podium of the class that he bypassed with the participation of five competitors.

The prize for position and best team was won by the first placed team.

In motorcycling, Sidney Pinto, from Brick By Brick Team, from the province of Luanda, fourth in the Nacional, won in the AGP 600 CC category, with 50 points, getting the better of Marco de Jesus, from Team Cuando Cubango and leader of the national , which occupied second place, with 40.

In third place, with 27, was Lourenço Morais, from JF-Pescas in the province of Namibe, ranked seventh in the championship.

In his title of champion of the Huambo Cidade Vida Trophy, Sidney Pinto added the best team and position.

In the EVO 600 category, Adilson Pinto, from Org. AI Santos Racing do Namibe, is required as the national leader and won the trophy in the category, by totaling 50 points, 14 (34) more than the second, Jerónimo Carvalho, from Team Kwanza Sul, the same points obtained by his teammate, Marcos Fonseca, in third place.

The trophy for best team in the category, in which six drivers competed, was won by Adilson Pinto, while Marcos Fonseca took the best position.

During the trophy witnessed by the governor of the province of Huambo, Lotti Nolika, and the president of the Angolan Motor Sports Federation (FADM), Ramiro Barreira, the pilot Wilson Cardeau, a runner from this region, who died on the 29th of Last July, he was the victim of an accident during the last free practice session of the Grand Prix Cardoso Albernaz, which took place at the Circuito Santos Pera, in Benguela, with honorable mentions being awarded to his parents and wife.

The organization also paid tribute to the governor of Huambo, for his contribution and support in the development of the sport in the province and in the country in general.

Speaking to the press, at the end of the competition, the president of FADM made it known that the sport in the country continues to register significant growth with the inclusion of new pilots, in addition to being a vector for promoting national tourism.

In turn, the governor positively won the Huambo Cidade Vida -111 Years Trophy, due to the good participation of pilots from different provinces of the country, as well as the competitive level demonstrated throughout the race.

The official guaranteed the support of the Government of Huambo in carrying out more events of this kind, in order to galvanize the development of motor sport in the region.

The first four races of the National Speed ​​Championship, one to go, were held in Namibe, in April (1st), Benguela, May, (2nd), Malanje, June (3rd) and Huíla, August, (5th), placing The fourth was due to take place, which did not take place on the scheduled date, in July, in Benguela, due to the death of pilot Wilson Cardeau.

The last one is scheduled for November, in the province of Bengo.

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