MP defends citizenship training

MP defends citizenship training
MP defends citizenship training

Africa-Press – Angola. The deputy to the National Assembly, António Paulo, defended Thursday (30), in Luanda, the need for training in citizenship matters for citizens “from an early age” to better contribute to building a cohesive and prosperous country.

António Paulo, speaking at the round table on the theme “Political Speech at Election Time”, promoted by the Angolan Communications Association (ACAN), said that knowledge about citizenship is decisive in the choice of representatives, during the vote. teenager who at an early age learns about duties and rights, respect and distinction from national sovereignty bodies, will, in the future, know how to separate political activity from citizenship”, underlined the deputy.

António Paulo said that the citizen who “chooses to make politics an activity of confrontation and debate, especially at election time, must know how to separate aspects of citizenship and politics itself, in order to avoid inflammatory speeches”.

The political actor, he said, must have a responsible, careful and integrative speech, capable of providing potential voters with a sense of citizenship, where the ultimate aim is to build a united and prosperous nation.

At a time when Angola is experiencing the emotions of the pre-campaign, said the academic, the politician, more than presenting his governance projects, must also mobilize the citizen on the importance of “going to vote”.

Deputy António Paulo stressed that a politician with an awareness of citizenship, at the time of carrying out and pronouncing his acts, can instill in listeners, viewers and readers the notion of the responsibility he will have at the time of the vote, as well as its importance for the country.

Regarding the current political scenario, António Paulo said that there are still some actors from political parties who, on certain communication platforms, use speeches with language that is inappropriate for the moment. A country like Angola, which has just emerged from an armed conflict, highlighted the deputy, “should not have politicians with irresponsible speeches, which can induce in voters behaviors capable of jeopardizing social stability”.

The president of the Association of Communicologists of Angola, André Sibi, said that politics should not be reserved simply for politicians. The leader appealed to the youth to participate in the exercise of politics, in order to contribute to the production of spiritual wealth, which serves Angola, Africa and the world.

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